Youthfull Visitors at the Lake

Lake of Menteith 30th July 2019

Water Temp at 6ft 19.5C Secchi Disk Clarity Gateside Bay 2.4m

We are hosting the YOUTH INTERNATIONAL TOMORROW Wed 31st July, between Scotland, England Ireland and Wales. The youngsters have been here practicing over the last few days and everyone is ready for the match tomorrow. There will be more on tactics after the match but suffice to say it helps if you have a high density fast sinking line and can count to 30…..Good Luck everyone and hope the weather gods move the furniture about somewhere else. Above: Welsh anglers exploring the Lake.

5 boats available Saturday 3rd August due to recent cancellations.

Above: The Scottish Youth Team.

Below right. Colin Cunningham Graham owner of Inch Talla and direct descent of the radical politician, writer and revolutionary Don Roberto Cunningham Graham (who is buried on the Island of Inchmahome). Colin called in at the fishery today to visit his islands and to try and protect some of the ruins on Inch Talla.  Colin’s grandfather was Robert Cunningham Graham’s brother and he was wearing as always Don Robertos’s golden seal chain.