Windy Weekend ahead 30/10/20

Just a wee bit of heads up re the forecast for the weekend. It will be very windy. We are not cancelling the fishing in advance because forecasts can change but understand it could be too windy full stop or for some. Letus know where you stand…You are not obliged to go out and we will obviously refund if you decide against or you can hold on to your credit for another day. Conditions and forecast updates on the mornings will dictate whether we get to launch or not.

On Saturday the wind is currently forecast to start from the SE 10mph average gusting to 28 and veer round at lunch time and build to average windspeed of 21 gusting to 46mph at 5pm. This means that the beach will be sheltered at the off which is favourable, but at 5pm the beach will be quite unsheltered. We will get an update re weather on the day but if the forecast stays the same an early finish will be required.

On Sunday the current forecast is less favourable at the start re direction (ie. a south westerly leading to exposed conditions at the start) and wind speeds are brisk from the start. We will need to watch how the forecast develops.

If the boats do go out. Things to remember for these conditions are:

Lifejackets properly fastened.
Keep the boat baled, as boats full of water can be quickly swamped.
Moderate speed to the conditions and cargo position (move the man out of the bow to midships).  Single angling not advised.

Remember we are open all winter (we have plenty of availability next Sunday 8th and might have availability on Saturday 7th but this is still to be confirmed and I should know by later today about Saturday 7th availability. Phone 01877 385664 for more information or to cancel.