Way on down at the Lake.

The heatwave has tightened its grip in the last week with the 6ft water temperature reaching 23.5C yesterday. Overnight it dropped to 22.5 at 2m but the warm water is extending some way down (22C at 4m). In the last 7 days we have seen folk cracking the deepwater fishing technique with a few boats netting in the high twenties and one over 30 fish. hi density 7/8 types and hi density 40 plus or booby basher lines have featured in beach discussions – amongst others. However fast sinking lines are very difficult to come by. We have fast sink polyleaders available in the permit office.

Jim Crawford was out on Saturday 24th. The following is from his facebook page. “Fantastic days fishing yesterday on The Lake of Mentieth, cloud cover till 2pm then clear blue skies and red hot. Straight lining buzzers on the new Airflo supaflo Anchor Tip fly line with the fish being very very deep. Still experimenting with this line but 100% a game changer to give you a totally new method of presenting flies deep on the hang. I finished with 25 in the net including the big brownie and some proper belters of rainbows.” Thanks Jim.  Jim is pictured with the decent brown and fishfinder image was supplied by Scott aitken. Showing the fish lying at around 40ft in 73 ft of water.

If anything the fishing has been easier during the day than in the evening; Alan Porteous of  Frozen North AC (a) who was top rod in the lastest scottish clubs heat with 8 fish, was thinking that the harder night fishing may be linked to poorer light at depth – or is it a function of the peak temperature being reached early evening before the slightly cooler night sets in. Top team on the night was Costa Ecosse with alan McLachlan, John Buchanan and Dave Mateer. In 2nd, 3rd and 4rth place were Frozen north A team, Frozen North B team and Priory AC A team. Individuals going through to the Champion of Champions in order of catch were Alan Porteous, Allan McLachlan, John Buchanan, Kevin Porteous, Paul Clarke and James Bews.