Warming up at the Lake

Clarity 1.9m on sechi disk;  Temperature 11C at 6ft.

We had one of the finest spells of weather we can remember on opening day and the sunshine input over the last 11 days has increased the water temperature from 5.5C on opening day to 11C at a depth of 6ft today 29/3/22.

The increase in temperature as seen some spectacular buzzer hatches -usually around midday and catches have increased dramatically since opening days rather meagre reports. Best areas have been the roadshore (Kates Brae) and Todhole and the Butts – with one angler saying “where did we no get fish?”  and another saying at times we couldn’t breath for buzzers. Not surprisingly buzzers have been the best method – fished on the hang. Interestingly, Keith Logan did well (21 fish) fishing them on a washing line type set up with a Di3.

Catches for quite a few individuals have been well into double figures. Dries and lures have also been working.

We took delivery of another two brand new Coulam boats today -these two will shortly be christened “11” and “12”.



A flavour of the catches at the weekend… Costa Ecosse netted 44 and Dalzell AC had 157 with their 10 boats. Heriots caught 59 with their 6 boats, Kelvinside didnt mark in with their 4 boats.  Kevin McCabe was out last week and netted this stunning silver finned resident.

Note to all. our day session times are 9am (or as soon as you are ready – gates open 8am) till 5pm. Voting emails on the rule change proposal for the boat league will be going out this week.

Pleanty of boats available (unusually) on the following weekend days due to competitions moving or heat cancellations (15th May, 29th May, 12th June and 29th Oct)