The Lake is opening for the Main Season on 20th March but…….

Covid Law requires that we are open only to those who are conforming with the Governments Covid 19 rules. This means that at the current time  anyone attending must be from the Stirling-shire. To show due diligence the police have requested that we ask all visiting anglers for proof of residence until the covid regulations permit otherwise.

Covid 19 and the legal statute concerning travel may end up damaging the fishery even more than it did last year. We will be allowing two people in a boat as long as all social distancing measures are observed. Boats will be disinfected as per last year and we ask folks to pay before arrival at the the website.

With this is mind no draw will be required for an opening day boat but I would be grateful if you could let me know whether you are able to attend the opening day or not. In addition I will be sending out emails in batches concerning future bookings (for the near future as no-one really can be 100% sure of how things will develop), advising anglers of this requirement.

It looks like we will have to do the cormorant scaring ourselves as we expect very little custom under these conditions. We will probably be stocking fish as normal to give our fish the room they require. When we are allowed to open properly – it will be good.

Best Regards 🙁


PS Big hello from the three of us. Hope all is ok. Hairy times. I am smiling.