Temperature dropping at the Lake and FREE BOAT Comp.

The 6ft Temperature at the Lake in Gatesdie Bay was 17C and Clarity was 2m on the Secchi Disk.

So PIKE FISHING ON THE FLY NOW POSSIBLE AGAIN. It has been a fairly hard week at the Lake with good catches anticipated as the water cools and there are signs that catches are now on the up. We had some excellent catches yesterday. Top boat I spoke to yesterday had 25 fishing in an area that I am sworn to secrecy about until todays Glasgow Interclub match is over.¬† Not too sure what there tactics were…The Poretend Burn mouth at Gateside has also produced good catches.

Colin Smith from Fife returned this distinctively marked brown trout on Sunday. FREE BOAT TO ANYONE ELSE WHO CAN PROVE THEY HAVE CAUGHT IT.

Due to a cancellation of a competition we still have plenty of boats available on Sunday 4th September. A good opportunity to hone your skills prior to the end of season finales. Please book online or call the fishery.

We are starting to receive booking emails for next year which is appreciated although we cannot act on them until we have the main competition dates  agreed. Not sure when this will be exactly but the sooner you get your dates in for next year the better and we will start confirming in the Autumn as soon as possible.


Tight Lines.