Summer arrives at the Lake and the dry fly fishing is the business.

A blast of sunshine has reduced the clarity at the Lake to 2m and raised the water temperature at 6ft to 17C. Fishing on the dries (mayfly patterns, yellow owl types) has been phenominal but Monday was tricky with the strong heat and brightness.  As always there was some who did well.

Paul Tatner from Derby is up for a few days and he found Monday hard going with 2 fish. His nephew Curtis (pictured left) – at the other end of the boat was having a different kind of day with 11 trout on a floating line; goldhead damsel on the point, cormant in the middle and a big red diawl bach on the bob. Most of the fish were caught on the db. Today with cloud cover it was a different story and the catches were back to being phenominal with 3 individuals quoting 20 plus trout to their rods – all the sport being at the Malling shore and all on dries.  Perhaps a good time to try the dapping (had one on the dap myself last night -but not too the boat). Often when the water colours up a bit the dry fly fishing improves….

Staying with the phenominal word,  Pike angler Pinky Fleming had a 33lb monster pike on a Wullie Munn Perch Pattern last Friday. This still taken from his video (see the Lakes FB page).


Great action shot from Colin Riach (below) who has been doing well on Mayfly imitations (his paraloop spinner below).

Winner of the Month of May free boat draw (drawn from those that have COMPLETED THEIR CATCH RETURNS INCLUDING RELEASED FISH) goes to Euan MacDougall from Gargunnock.