Scottish Club Champs 2022 RAF Fish Hawks/ Rope off in Gateside Bay for Thurs 29th September

Water Temp 15C and Clarity 2.1m

The Scottish Club Championship 2022 was won by RAF fish Hawks “B” (Pic courtesy of the SANACC website where the full results are available.  Fish Hawks netted 23 fish for a capped weight of 51lbs 15.5 to win the silver salver. Fish over 4lbs in weigh were capped and all returned fish assumed to be 2lbs in weight (actual average weight for the comp was 2.7lbs – there are some lumps out there:)) . The first two fish caught by each competitor were weighed. Please note that the weight of these weighed fish was 2.7lbs on average; i.e. 2lbs 10oz. A close 2nd were Tartan Tyers A  (Scott Aitken, Allan MacLachlan, Andrew McAdam)- also with 23 fish but there first 6 fish weighed a total 17lbs 1.8oz whereas fishhawks first 6 weighed 17lbs15.5oz. In 3rd place were Lochend B (Owen Cook, Kenny Dickens, Andy Boylan) with 22 fish for a calculated weight 48lbs 10.2 oz. Top rod on the day was Own Cook with 10 fish and 2nd top was Allan MAcLachlan with 9.

Lots more trouts going in this week and for the end of the season. Rope off first thing this Thurs 29th September.

Keep your eyes peeled for the seaeagle. It has been spotted regularly in the last few weeks. Today it was sitting on a tree at the edge of the water in the west basin. 750 fish stocked so far this week with more to go in. The fish are well spread but the gap and drifting across the middle of the east basin with a fast glass and black flies (buzzer, cormorant etc) was the top rod.