If you need additional information (eg forecast etc – ask the boatmen).

WHAT ARE THE HAZARDS Drowning, Eye Injury, Fire, Poisoning/disease, Melanoma, Propeller injury, Ramming Injury, Lightening, Hypothermia,

How Anglers can minimise the risks

Drowning: Lifejackets

All anglers must wear a lifejacket that has been adjusted to their body size (waist and crotch strap) or the fishing permit for the boat will be withdrawn. Ask for assistance in putting on lifejacket if unsure. Any life jacket that has been set off must be handed back to staff. There is no penalty for accidental triggering. Any person seen by anglers not to be wearing a lifejacket should be reported by anglers to staff.


Drowning/hypothermia: Good Boat Trim

Keel should be level when stationary and nose high when motoring. A bow down keel has led to swamping of the boat, especially when going at an angle to the wave. In very windy conditions keep the bow into the wind and the bow high (by repositioning anglers etc) or point the bow directly down wind. It takes very little water ingress to make the boat bow heavy and unstable so bale the boat immediately appreciable water accumulates. Moderate speed if ingress of significant water is imminent or until anglers are repositioned. In windy conditions get off the thwart board seats and lower centre of gravity to prevent couping. If rescuing an angler in the water they should be towed to the shore whilst holding on securely to the outside of the boat.


Drowning/Hypothermia: Boat Seats Boat seats must be strapped at front or their use is not allowed.

If an angler opts to use a boat seat they should be of approved commercial design – and not too heavy for the boat. If in doubt ask boatmen and avoid overheavy planks. A common accident has been for anglers to back flip out of the boat when the boat seat slides out of balance. This is averted by strapping the front of the boat seat down under the front seat at front, or through the holes in the thwart at the stern. Straps are available from the shop.


Algae. The Lake experiences algae blooms which can be potentially toxic. If there is a potentially hazardous bloom, local council advice and expert advice will be posted on the front door of the fishery. The fishery follows the guidelines of the Scottish Government at all times. If algae is present in significant quantity a test for toxicity will be carried out. Should this test positive for toxins the fishery will make you aware.


Drowning Hypothermia: Avoid standing in a boat where possible.


Eye Injury: Protective glasses are essential, available from the shop; Sunburn/Melanoma: cover up and use protective cream/available from the shop/boatmen. Tops of heads, ears and backs of hands are prone to melanoma. Fire: No naked flames/smoking near uncovered petrol. Wash and bail spilt petrol out of boat. Report leaks immediately.


Propellor Injury/Finger Injury: Do not operate the engine if there is someone close in the water. If a drogue rope is near an operating engine, switch off engine and then remove rope. A trapped finger in a coil can be amputated as the rope is wound on to the propeller. When approaching other boats, particularly at the beach, come in slowly and keep fingers off the gunnels.


Lightning. If there is electrical disturbance get off the water immediately as anglers in boats with rods are likely lightning targets. Follow the 30/30 rule. It is safe to fish when the timing between thunder and lightning is greater than 30seconds and it has been 30 minutes since the last clap of thunder. Take shelter in buildings preferably, or on the bank or in forests but avoid single tree or tall trees.



If you have concerns about safety phone 01877 385664 which is directed to the boatman’s mobile. This number is in all the boats and on the notice board. There is a safety boat on the shore at all times but other anglers will likely be first on the scene and are expected to go immediately to the assistance of others. Follow advice of Fishery Staff with regard to weather forecasts and out of bounds areas or early finishes. Stop fishing and seek shelter in storms.


First Aid: First aid point is in hall by sink. Douglas Fraser and Connor Shearer are the nominated first aiders.

Defribulater: is located on car park side of the fishery building (LHS as you leave) \up at village hall

Doctor’s Number 01877 382421