Re-Opening Week News

Lake of Menteith 5th June 2020

Water Temperature at 6ft 16C;  Secchi disk Clarity 2.2m

It is great to have the anglers back at the Lake. In the initial first few days – their thrill of being allowed out was profound. Also, a tremendous relief to have most staff back at work, as well as the anglers. Sometimes a problem shared is a problem halved /thirded /quartered…. Please refer to the bottom of this post where our covid 19 arrangements are detailed. Social distancing is going well at the Lake.

We had tremendous dry fly fishing over the first week with record boat catches, the water quickly warmed to 18+ C and the best catches recently were deeper with buzzers or faster sinking lines. Best areas are variable but International Bay, Stable Point and Gateside have been outstanding. The water temperature is dropping fast (bunnet required) and the fish will be on top again. Sea eagles have been visiting and ospreys eggs have hatched – bring the binos.

Some pictures from yesterday. Derek Hesset with a fine Lake Brown. Duncan Glen still looking for that elusive 20 lb pike on the fly (and Paw needs longer pliers). Kevin McCabe with a Gateside Bow. Hand Sanitiser and Mayfly (please use both)and link to Gordon Buchanans Springwatch clip of the eagle and deer.

The authorities are happy with the arrangements that we have in place regarding COVID 19 and advisory before visiting the fishery is that anglers should be aware of the current Scottish Government Guidelines. We welcome all anglers and assist with social distancing measures and hygiene issues if required once they arrive. Please bring hand gel and use frequently. Other measures are: Our permit office/tackle shop is closed so all payments must be done online at the Voucher and Credit Page before issuing the boat number (we have 4G in the car park). You can purchase as much credit as you like – we will remove and email you with the balance. Please bring your #4 four digit invoice order number as opposed to the voucher code – as we are phasing this out (that code is too long). Two anglers in a boat is fine – thwarts are 2.6m apart. Our start times are now wider. Monday to Saturday 8.30am to 10am and Sunday 11am to 12 noon, and the duration of the shifts remains the same. Building is out of bounds except for accessing cleaned lifejackets and the toilets which are open. Re car parking. If you want to park apart can you leave enough space for a later arrival to park between you and another car because we are expecting more cars due to reduced car sharing. Best to park closely to an unattended car. In the event of the car park being full (not happened yet) please drop off your gear and then park in the Lake Hotel Car Park. We ask you not to load your gear in the boats before 8.30 or (11 am on Sunday) as your boat may need to be cleaned/pushed in/fuelled/ de-litttered etc. Please feel free to phone or email the fishery for further advice. STAY SAFE and read our RISK ASSESSMENT online.