Pre National Final

Lake of Menteith 10th September 2019

Water Temp at 6ft 15C Secchi Disk Clarity Gateside Bay 2m by Connor Shearer

The weather this last week has been rather variable, we have had high winds and heavy rain to very low wind and bright sunshine (typical Scottish weather). There have still been good reports of catches particularly on the dry fly around Gateside bay, Malling shore and Todd Hole. The water level is now beginning to drop back to a normal height after a few dry days over the weekend.

We had the pleasure of hosting the Ladies National championship on Friday the 6th. The ladies fished well throughout the day, but the overall winner was Jean Ferguson with 11 fish, she won both heats making her the National and Overall Ladies Champion for 2019.

All the fish for this week were stocked on Monday 9th (800). Anglers and Boatmen in this year’s National Final at the Lake be aware of the risk of congestion at the Trossach’s motorway turnoff as the park and ride for the Solheim Cup at Gleneagles is also located just off this turnoff.

The resident ospreys now seem to have left the lake to head to their wintering grounds somewhere in Africa in the search of warmer weather. So, if you see one it is most likely just a passing also on its way to wintering grounds.

The northern winds at the weekend blew down quite a few heather/Bibio flies. Fisherman Fraser Renwick took this photo of this odd flat rainbow when he was out last week.