Please pay on line after booking or top up your credit by following the link after booking.


Book your day or evening boat here. For session times and prices see Tariff page. Wheel Chair boats are booked on a separate page. YOUR FISHING HAS TO BE BOOKED ONE DAY AT A TIME and you will receive email confirmation for each session booked. After booking go to the on-line voucher/credit page to cover your intended costs. If you are planning repeat visits put more money on your voucher which can be re-imbursed at any time.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION. If you do not receive email confirmation it is usually because; your email is in your JUNK MAIL or is wrong, or you didn’t fill in all the fields and press send – and then get a confirmatory screen saying thanks for your booking etc) – please email or call the fishery at bookingonline@menteith-fisheries.co.uk (01877 385664) to confirm your booking.

If your emails “dont match” it is usually because there is a space after the email.


TO PAY FOR YOUR BOAT BY VOUCHER/CREDIT OR TO TOP UP YOUR LAKE CREDIT PLEASE GO TO https://www.menteith-fisheries.co.uk/product/menteith-online-credit-or-vouchers/



PLEASE TELEPHONE 01877 385664  or email bookingonline@menteith-fisheries.co.uk (please also be aware of our terms and conditions as last minute cancellations can usually not be refilled despite the day being in demand). If you have a last minute cancellation please text the fishery  07710 433464 and we can immediately make your boat available.

Terms and Conditions

1. The Lake of Menteith Fisheries ltd reserves the right to cancel or refuse boat bookings for a variety of reasons. This right is most likely to be exercised in the instance of severe weather or where an individual has repeatedly booked boats and not turned up (payment in advance in these instances is likely to be required).
2. Individual Boats cancelled less than one day before planned uptake may be required to pay the full price of the booking if the fishery was fully booked. Large bookings (more than 10 boats) are asked to give one month notice for complete cancellation. In practice consideration will be given for reasonable excuse and where the days were not fully booked (i.e. no customers turned away), and where large club bookings are being organised. This would be at the discretion of management and is very rarely asked for. 
3. All boat bookers must adhere to the fishery rules.
4. Booking of boats for resale by business is only permissible where agreed by the Lake of Menteith Fisheries ltd.
5. All persons fishing the Lake do so entirely at their own risk (risk assessment is at https://www.menteith-fisheries.co.uk/risk-assessment/ )and the company takes no responsibility for any damage, accident or injury or for any loss or damage to equipment.