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Record Pike Catch at the Lake

The recent Pike Anglers Alliance Scotland fishing club weekend outing to the Lake at the end of February, produced eye brow raising catches. On the more fishy weather day – the saturday with wind and rain, the club had one at 30lbs 4oz,  ten fish between 20 and 29lbs, twenty nine doubles and 114 pike under 10lbs. On the less promising sunday with bright sunshine the club had a staggering five fish over 30lbs (biggest 32lbs), nineteen fish in the 20lb plus weight range, 31 doubles (10 to 19lbs) and 117 jacks. The catch of five 30s equalled the best ever 30lbs plus  catch of 5 caught on 13th March 1999. However on that day only 9 fish in the 20-30lb weight range were landed compared to 19 on the recent PAAS outing.  Nice to read about fish populations doing well in recent years.

End of the winter at the Lake.

The Lake opens this Saturday 19th March and the weather looks set to do us a real favour in terms of heat (water was reading 5.5c today and clarity looks good). The forecast is for sun and 14C with light winds for opening day. A fitting end to the mildest winter I can remember – but maybe I always say that….
We are taking delivery of 4 brand new Coulams this March (we have upped our replacement rate from two per year). This is today’s delivery. Stocking up the Lakes overwintered population tomorrow. The plan is 1200 beautiful bows. More picks to follow…

20% reduction in Boat Prices at the Lake with our Winter Prices 23/11/21

WINTER PRICES NOW OPERATIONAL AT THE LAKE. ~20% OFF ALL BOATS. To book phone 01877385664 or if after hrs text 07710 433464. Plenty of availability and end of the world sunsets (this was last night) if you are lucky. Lake is still fishing well. Today it was the malling shore among other haunts. Gordon Hayward had 11 or was it 16 to his rod and Jim and Fraser had 16 to their rods.
Hope to have all your booking requests confirmed or otherwise by the end of this month.

Anglers out in Force and a Charitable Last Weekend of the Main Season.

Well that is the end of the main season at the Lake. Angling numbers will drop off rapidly as the cold intensifies but we will remain open all winter for the hardy anglers and those with battery operated socksd – and for when the nice weather windows are here. We dont plan to stock any more trout until just befor the main season arrives on the 19th March our “opening day” but boats will be available all winter with the exception of the the christmas and New Year period and for the week before the main season starts, when we will be busy restocking. Catches can be good over the winter and you will be guaranteed more solitude – having fishers at the Lake is good for helping us to deter cormorants. Yesterday Tom McBride from Glasgow had 8 fish in the Stable Point Area on dries.

We ended the main season on a high with a busy week which included a Scottish Police versus English Police (Well done Scotland)and a UK Police versus UK Armed Forces Event (Well done the Police). Big thanks to all the organisers for their time and effort – especially Retired Policeman Calum Fraser the events masterbooker and cat shepard. Sorry about the lack of pictures.

The Final Weekend saw two charity events. The first on Saturday organised by Rothes Oak AC and co-ordinated by Willie Simpson saw twelve 6 mans teams taking part in a fundraiser and collecting a fantastic £3864 for their Local Mental Health Charity “Men ask now…..”. All the anglers were fed a hearty breakfast and lunch and the day finished with a raffle and auction. The winning team was incidentally Good Guys AC, 2nd were MFF Caradean and 3rd were Costa Ecosse.

On the Sunday the Fishery Board donated all boat hire takings (£1567) to the Port Kirk and Primary and all 35 boats were booked for the day. It was a scaled down event with only anglers and no children/parents :(. A further  £180 had been donated during the season and £277 was made in what was a great raffle – given the reduced numbers!!! The School Parent Council provided a great BBQ and lovely soups for the anglers as they came in. After cost of food etc the total amount collected was £1685.Thanks to Grant East from the Parent Council who organised the food ….this was his swan song apparently as both his kids will be at the McLaren high School next year :(. Thanks also to the children of the Port School for their cheery fish paintings/howff wall paper.

The Cormorants

Water Temperate 12C

October is proving to be quite mild which is good in the short term….and the Lake is fishing well with some good catches  and cracking fish being reported.  Plenty more fish to go in if the demand is there…..Alistair Fountain from Lennoxtown and Danny Dyer from Paisley were out on Monday  25th and had 21 fish to the net twiddling candy boobies from Arnmach to Lochend – on midge lines.  More of this further down but this post was mainly a thank you to Alisdair Mair and his supporting Pals for his and their work with our Youth Club the Cormorants. The 17th October was the final of their season. Pictured below is Alisdair Mair on the left with  Angus Robertson who won the both the Cormorant shield and Seasonal Chase Cup. The next picture down shows the Cormorants and Angus in 2015 – everything is a little smaller!! Alisdair has been such a good influence to these youngsters as they grow up in an increasingly online environment. The Cormorants, Parents and Fishery all want to say thanks Ali (and nice brown trout btw) and power to your elbow.

Pictured below  Danny dyer and Alistair Fountain on Monday

Results of Scottish Youth Qualifyer and Pens ashore and Rope off Gateside first thing on 20/10/21

Please could all clubs supply us with provisional or firm dates for 2022 as soon as possible as we will be confirming dates from November.

Scottish Youth Qualifyer for International at Loch Lene Ireland 2022

In total 20 youths took part to fill the vacant places available within the Scottish Youth Team heading to Loch Lene in Ireland 2022. Conditions on the day were flat calm with light drizzle all day which proved tough for even the experienced anglers. Although most of the youths taking part had little or no boat experience and had rarely fished a water as big as the Lake, a total of 37 fish for 88lbs was caught, the biggest fish being 4lb 11oz caught by Cammy Craik (holding the cup). There were 6 places available on the day to join the current team – see below. Top rod on the day was Ryan Taylor (on RHS below) from Aberdeen who fished mostly at the cages with sinking line and a booby on the tail of his cast. Ryan was awarded with the best new comer trophy and the David Bell memorial trophy. Other qualifiers were Jake Hummes, Sam Harrison, Cammy Craik, Kian Riley and Cameron Kelly. The Youth committee would like to thank all the boatman for giving up their time and their continued support for the Youth Team.

Huge thanks to James Litster for his managerial input in the day and to Alisdair Mair for his efforts every Tuesday night during the season and for many years – with the Lakes Young Persons Fishing Club aka the Cormorants (results posted tomorrow).

Tomorrow morning first thing the rope gets taken off Gateside Bay giving access to all 750 acres of the Lake and the big fish that lurk around the pens in that Bay.


Champion of Champions 2021 – Tues 12th Oct

6ft Water Temp 13.5 C ; Secchi Disk Clarity 2.5m

Due to a double booking we have 10 boats available for this Sunday 17th Oct …. and we have some cracking big fish to go in this week….


Keith (pictured below) who hails from Gifford in East Lothian and is a member of Heriots AC caught 13 fish, 1 ahead of 2nd placed Nigel Burns and 3rd placed Allan McLachlan. Nigel told me he would have won, if his 3 fish of around 7lbs had been one of his first two which were weighed in. Justice was done on the day IMHO as I think the highest number caught deserves the top award. Keeth received the cup and the winners medal, £100, £75 snowbee voucher, a flybox with£200 worth of flies and a winners fleece. To get his fish in the overcast conditions Keith switched from a sink tip to a floating line and his set up included; lightweight buzzers, cruncher, black muskin and a candy booby on the tail. He was fishing in the Butts, Todhole and Rookery – static or with a very slow retrieve. He said there were a lot of quality fish further out but they were more difficult…..On the day £540 pounds was raised for the Mental Health Charity “Men and Boys Don’t Talk”.












Last week we were entertained by the visit from Ireland of Mike Linehan and Co. They left us with a few good jokes and £100 for the Port Kirk Repair Fund.  Phil Dewey, one of their crew, caught this lovely conditioned fish at “Loughend”. They reported bigger fish being caught….

“My Friend”




5th Oct 2021: Army Championships

Water Temperature 14C , Sechi disk 1.9m.


Cooling quickly at the Lake. Watch this space for when we get the pens reasonably empty, push them ashore, and remove the exclusion rope from Gateside Bay – looking like sometime in week commencing the 18th October.


The Army held its Championships at the Lake over the weekend and are planning to repeat the event next year. The best tactics according to organiser Dean Rudd were UV nymphs and diawls on a midgetip with small eyed straggle cat boobies. It was the boobies that did the damage on a slow figure of eight. The top areas were Lochend and Hotel Bay with other areas in the eastern basin also holding fish. They fished total catch and release with the time of the first two fish recorded to seperate any draws.  The Army Champion for 2021 was Sean Hanlon (pictured below. He caught 6 fish on Day 1 and 10 fish on day 2, Associate Champion was Jock Kettles (pictured with fish) who had 10 fish on each day. Corps Champs were the Royal Signals. The Celtic Cup which was run throughout the year was won by Jock Kettles. On day 1 the rod average was 4.4 and on day 2 it was 3.6.


Below – a wee trout recipe from Jim Crawford

Late Lake Blog 29th Sept 2021…Cooling

The Scottish Club Championships were held on Friday 24th September. Congratulations to Lintrathen FF “A”; Tyler HayBarry Robertson and Kevin Neri, for their win. Full Report at


I would like to pay tribute to the hard working SANAC committees that run the National and the Scottish Club Championships. In Particular, Mick Moran and Tom MacTaggart, for the massive amount of hard work and devotion they give to these two events but a big thanks is also due to the committees that supervise each match.


The Lake is starting to cool down rapidly with a succession of cold nights and fishing would apear to be getting easier. Yesterday the 6ft temperature was 16C and 2m clarity as measured by a secchi disk.


We have been stocking some fantastic looking slim big fish this week (4 -10lbs) now that the big competitions are over (with the exception of our champion of champions competition on 8th Oct). Hope they give you some fun. I had to leave the beach early but messaged a pair of anglers, Gus Armour from Fife and Billy Brash from Midlothian,to see how they got on. They had 47 to the boat 17 fish of 4lb plus. There was a fab involved – perhaps on a sink tip. Photos below.


The quarterly meeting of the Lake’s Board which currently comprises most of the Landowners around the Lake- and me (the manager) for an hour took place last night. It was agreed to approve and strengthen our proposal to further discount young people fishing the Lake. We now offer a free fishing to all those AGED 25 YEARS AND UNDER if they are out with a senior (older than 26 years). If there are two young persons (25 and under) in a boat they pay single angler prices.

COULAM WHEELIE BOAT USERS please be aware that there will be no electric start available on this boat for a reasonable period as the pinion drive has worn out again. They only seem to last two years and it is an expensive job as the fly wheel and starter pinion need replaced.



128th National Fly Fishing Championship final results 21/9/21

6ft Water Temp 17C; Clarity 2.6m

440 fish in today and the final stocking for the week of a similar amount in tomorrow. Getting windy in the Atlantic when the guillemots arrive.
The 128th Scottish National Championship Final was held on the lake on Saturday 18th Sept.
The start of the competition saw cloudy flat calm conditions with plenty of fish rising on the surface. As the day went on the cloud burned away and the conditions got trickier, albeit the fish kept rising.
Most boats opted to head to Gateside and Malling with some other anglers trying their luck at Lochend and the Road Shore.
The top rod on the day and 2021 National Champion, Derek Pozzi, representing Thalassa AC made the bold move to stay away from the crowd at International Bay and Road Shore. This paid off with him landing 17 fish for a total weight of 35lbs 3.10ozs. Derek previously was National Champion in 2018 and was runner up in 2019 when the event was last held. This shows amazing consistency and angling skill. Derek was fishing a 3 foot midge tip with the killing fly being a Cormorant Booby.
2nd place went to Robert Maxwell of Clatto & Stratheden AC. He landed 16 fish for a total of 33lbs 4.60ozs.
3rd place went to Gregor Fleming of Bridge of Weir Loch AC. Gregor landed 13 fish for 26lbs 1.50ozs.
The 52 anglers landed a total of 278 fish giving a rod average of 5.34.
Well done to Derek and thanks to all of the anglers who competed throughout the year and to the officials whose hard work made it possible.