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We plan to open our online booking system to the public from the 1st of January for all bookings.
CLUB BOOKINGS: Please forward all your club bookings to us as soon as possible (email to ensure we keep space for you before the booking portal is opened for public bookings. If you are unable to commit due to agm timings etc please forward a provisional plan of your clubs requirements. If we don’t hear from you we will select dates for your club similar to last year which we will keep for a limited time.
INDIVIDUAL MULTIDAY BOOKINGS. If you plan to book 10 or more individual boats you will be given an early access code which should be operational from the 21st of December.
PAYMENT METHOD. Due to recent successful development of vaccines we are now hopeful that next year will see a return to normality at the Lake. As a result we currently hope that we will not be making online payment before arrival essential (it will still be an option).
COVID CONTINGENCY PLANS. It may be that at the start of the season restrictions will still be in place, in which case we will be advising all anglers to pay before arrival.
OPENING DAY 2021 WILL BE MARCH Saturday 20th: If you would like to go in the draw for an opening day boat please email
THE SECRET TO PRODUCING BLUE TROUT. Just kidding btw. This week we have been busy relining two of our ponds. Here is a photo of work in progress. If you thought making the bed was a chore…

Booking 2021 Info, a nice Pike PB and Dry Fly in November

Hi All. Hope you are enjoying the last of Autumn….

BOOKING REPORT:)We intend to move over to a new booking platform for 2021 as discussed in previous posts – We plan to get it up an running for winter boat booking in December but it needs to be available online from the end of December as detailed below.

CLUB BOOKINGS: Please send your club bookings (3 or more boats) to or by letter to Lake of Menteith Fisheries, Port of Menteith Stirling FK8 3RA  – we will confirm or offer alternatives as soon as possible – out target is to confirm by the end of November. We plan to charge a 20% deposit on club bookings in advance with the balance paid online before arrival (or by cheque or other arrangement with the fishery). Any problems please contact the fishery. Refunds freely available unless we had to turn folks away because we were fully booked.

INDIVIDUAL MULTI DAY BOOKINGS; For bookings of 10 or more individual boats on different days in 2021 we plan to allow prior access to the booking portal from 21st December. A deposit of 20% will be payable. Please contact the fishery nearer the time for an early access booking password or with any problems.


FISHING REPORT; DRY FLY IN NOVEMBER. Black Bits and hoppers were working well for Colin Riach this week.  He had 9 fish, 7 on dries using these two patterns. Fraser Young was out yesterday the 10th Nov and his boat had most of their 10 fish (av.wt.3lb+) on dries – 9 of the fish came from the Butts although they only fished there for an hour at the start and an hour at the end.  The best two man boat yesterday netted 16 fish.

NICE PB: Gareth Neilson was out with guide Stuart Sutherland of FishX and broke his pike fly PB twice in an hour with these two perfect specimens.



Fishing cancelled Sat 31st Oct


The forecast as changed for the worse today with gusts to 52mph at 4pm and gusts to 40mph plus in the morning. We need to have the boats pulled completely out of the water well in advance of this.

Windy Weekend ahead 30/10/20

Just a wee bit of heads up re the forecast for the weekend. It will be very windy. We are not cancelling the fishing in advance because forecasts can change but understand it could be too windy full stop or for some. Letus know where you stand…You are not obliged to go out and we will obviously refund if you decide against or you can hold on to your credit for another day. Conditions and forecast updates on the mornings will dictate whether we get to launch or not.

On Saturday the wind is currently forecast to start from the SE 10mph average gusting to 28 and veer round at lunch time and build to average windspeed of 21 gusting to 46mph at 5pm. This means that the beach will be sheltered at the off which is favourable, but at 5pm the beach will be quite unsheltered. We will get an update re weather on the day but if the forecast stays the same an early finish will be required.

On Sunday the current forecast is less favourable at the start re direction (ie. a south westerly leading to exposed conditions at the start) and wind speeds are brisk from the start. We will need to watch how the forecast develops.

If the boats do go out. Things to remember for these conditions are:

Lifejackets properly fastened.
Keep the boat baled, as boats full of water can be quickly swamped.
Moderate speed to the conditions and cargo position (move the man out of the bow to midships).  Single angling not advised.

Remember we are open all winter (we have plenty of availability next Sunday 8th and might have availability on Saturday 7th but this is still to be confirmed and I should know by later today about Saturday 7th availability. Phone 01877 385664 for more information or to cancel.

Bouys away at Gateside and the snakes rush in.

Water Temp 6ft 12C Clarity 1.8m

Some tremendous fishing for the time of the year at the Lake. Was going to say for the end of the season, but we are staying open all winter now, so a change of mindset is required as well as a watchful eye on the weather and winter insulation. We will be opening a new portal for winter bookings – it is not quite ready yet – but will be in a few days. In winter it is best to know the weather before you book…


The Lake fish are in a class of their own at the moment – averaging over 3lbs, due mainly to the fact that we grow our own fish and had to hold on to them for 2 months longer than normal due to the lockdown. Hopefully these big fish will be more cormorant resistant but if you do catch any that look mortally damaged please kill them and give them to staff rather than returning them to enrich the lake.

It was ropes off day in Gateside and it was good to see the bay heavily stocked with anglers.

Snakes seem to be very effective with this stamp of fish – fished with a fast retrieve. Catches recorded recently of 40 plus per boat.

Stu Bamforth got his first 20 on a fly fishing a bulkhead south of Dog Isle. Well done Stu.

Colin Riach was out again with his camera. think there is a week to go before prime autumnal colours – depending on the weather. Some great shots again Colin – particularly like the rainbow!!! The best sunsets are guaranteed for early to mid November when the sun sets behind Inchmahome.

Gateside Bay Ropes off Date

Water Temperature 12C at 6ft Sechi Disk 2.2m

We have set the date for removing the exclusion rope and pushing the pens ashore at Gateside. This will allow you lot more shelter from the autumnal winds and and a chance at the big residents that lurk in the vicinity. It is Tuesday 20th October Midday ish. The lake has fished well at times this week with one individual fishing for Pentland AC catching 20 (Andy Anderson). Others have done well today pulling lures or snakes on di3 lines from Lochend to Reedy Point on the east shore out of the strong easterly wind. The two best boats that we spoke to today had 20 and 15 to the boat and with an average weight of around 3lbs these days -that is some catch. We stocked 700 this week of fish in the 3-5lb weight range…Paul Barr was out today so some photos on facebook later hopefully.

Lake Blog 6/10/20 and a very big Cherry Table

Secchi Disk 2.1  6ft Water Temperature 13C

Well the weather is remaining reasonable and and catches at the lake are pleasingly on the big side. The size of the fish is due to the fact that many of these fish are being stocked considerably later than planned as a result of our closure in April and May, in addition they have had more room to grow. The fish that we would normally have been stocked in the last month of the main season will be kept as the first fish to stock with in 2021. We are in the process of moving these fish to their winter quarters and then we have some major pond relining operations to carry out before we take delivery of the remaining small bows for ongrowing for next year.

Today was a dry fly day  and we have had good reports from all airts and pairts of the Lake. e.g. Lochend, Hotel Bay, Gateside and the Malling Shore. In hotel bay a sink tip or floater and booby and crunchers produced good numbers. In the previous few days the bung and bug (3ft down at Stable Point and Gateside) was very effective. In the Police National last week the 36 rods netted 179 fish – not bad going considering the big average weight of the fish. Congratulations to Ronnie Turnbull the new Police Natiuonal Champ. We will declare the rope off day in Gateside in the next few days….

Please remember that Sundays these days and from now are a 9 till 10 start with gates open 8am ish and all boats in by 5.30pm.

The winter and 2021

As most folks will be aware we will remain open with a reduced number of boats all winter including weekends but excluding the Christmas and New year break.  For this period and for the new season we are moving to a new booking system powered by ibookfishing. Not only will this hopefully help to reduce our financial deficit and be a good testing ground for the new booking system, but winter fishing definitely helps to keep the cormorants off. As we are starting from scratch (ie no bookings in the system) we are planning to have a one stop booking portal where boats are reserved and paid for in a single form. Clubs will be able to pay a deposit but we are still cogitating about how best to do this. The winter booking portal will be open soon (hopefully by the end of next week) and will apply to all boat bookings from 16th Nov going forward. Please feel free to email your club booking requests for 2021 to We will reply to all bookings in November/early Dec once we have the main competitions and club outings in place. Individual day boats can be booked from the start of 2021 online.


We had the finest picnic table I have ever seen delivered to the Lake at the weekend. It is a memorial for Geordie Broon. An amazing tribute. Very big thanks to all. More photos below from Colin Riach. Love the splash.

New Official Sunday Hours and some nice Pics. Current Stocking average fish weight 3lb +

Water temperature has been declining steadily and is now 13C at 6ft. Clarity is 2.2m. for the last two weeks we have been stocking with 800 fish per week of average weight 3lbs plus. Today 400 went in with an estimated average weight of 3.25lbs.

FLIES and LINES. Dries/Pulling lures.

THE NEW SUNDAY HOURS START FROM THIS SUNDAY 4TH OCTOBER. Gates open 8.15, Boats out 9 till 10am and in for 5.30pm. Sundays have been slow to fill in recent years and the angler’s opinion was that you lost the whole day and evening and missed the best part of the day. We will be sorry to miss out on our early morning lying-in but the customer comes first :).

BEST AREAS as usual are hard to pin down. Recently Hotel Bay and International Bay have produced a lot of fish but today I heard the top end at Stable Point and Malling were  good and the fish can be found in shallow water.

Recent flat calms and bright sunshine have made conditions difficult and some folk found it quite hard going. Others though, had some tremendous sport.  Bill Ramage and Alan Bernard netted over 20 to the boat yesterday.  Others managed good catches on dries. Colin Riach and Jimmy Miller had 12 to the boat and some fine photos…….

Below Colin’s Hackled shipman

Colins Big Terrestrial

Jimmy Millar playing a trout

On Sunday the Cormorants had their annual Shield Competition which was won by David Cruickshank (below) with 13 fish.

In second place was Evan Kerr with 7 trout.Evan Kerr picked up the Tam Denholm Memorial chase cup for coming 2nd (the chase event wasnt fished due to COVID).

Ron Orr is pictured below with bended knee receiving some big draming glasses from Alisdair Mair – An award for long service helping Alisdair administer the Cormorant Young persons evenings. The prize for best newcomer went to Euan Beaton who received a prize of fly tying gear courtesy of Dale and Sarah Robertson. Sandy Forgan with a guid yin from his last visit.

We were sorry to hear of the recent passing of Lake Regular Harry (Henry) Miller who visited the fishery for as long as the staff can remember. We send our condolences to his friends and family.


Lakeward 22/09/20

22/9/20 Temperature 14.5C  Clarity 3.1

Some lovely trout in the catches these days and the lake is fishing well. Today there are reports of good catches from all over the fishery. Peter Edge and George Cashmore were in early with 20 on buzzer tips and cat boobies at Lochend. John Slaven was also off before the rain and had 13 on a floater and mainly a blob in the gap. I daresay there will be bigger catch reports still to come in……It was a big wave today so no surprise that thefish were on lures. In the calmer weather at the weekend Brian MacKenzie netted 27 on dries.

Landward’s Nick Nairn and Dougie Vipond were at the Lake the other day and I was on the tiller of the camera crew boat. In my defence they found themselves in a wind eddy.  If you want to know how to cook a trout Nairn style -tune in on Thursday 15th October BBC Scotland  8.00pm,  Friday  16th Oct BBC 1  7.30 pm and Sunday 18th Oct 9.30am BBC2.

Below: Iain MacGregor from Stirling with a proper  pike of 20lb 1oztaken on 8lb leader and a size 12 hook. Further down a cracking blue caught by Andrew Menmuir, Derek Barclay with a plump blue and Barry tyndall with another less blue bow.