Angling Reports/News

2020 Pre-season Opening posted 19/3/20

Lake of Menteith  19th March 2020

Water Temperature Cold;  Secchi disk Clarity Good

Hope you all have had a good close season and are raring to go assuming we don’t get put under some sort of curfew. There is an excellent forecast for our opening weekend and some even better fish to be caught.

The Lake has now been stocked with some cracking trout, the majority of which averaged around 3lbs plus there are the overwintered ones which we have been working hard to protect (i.e. scaring off the cormorants). If there is no drastic change in government(s) plans then we will be opening on Saturday 21st March but there will be a few changes in place to stop people gathering together in our sport which luckily is naturally centred around the concept of social distancing, and getting quality free range food for the table.

Please heed government advice about social distancing and try not to get drawn in to close conversation, wash hands etc….

  • Payment before you come if possible
  1. This can be done online at our website by purchasing vouchers. We have waived the online charge and if you can purchase the required combination of vouchers to cover your boat costs on the particular day. Please print out the voucher and post it in our permit office box on the day of use or if you don’t have a printer we can take a photo.
  2. Phone on a week-day (office hours) prior to your visit and pay by card.
  3. On the day have the correct money or cheque in an envelope with your name and post it in our box at the permit office.
  4. We will still accept cash, card or cheque payment on the day IF YOU HAVE NO OTHER OPTION.
  • Boats will not go out at a single start time (i.e. 9.30am) but once you have registered with a boatman and ben given a boat number you will be able to leave anytime between 8.45 and 9.45 (Mon to Sat) and between 11.30 and 12.30 on a Sunday. Just come in 8hrs after you register (or 7 hrs on a Sunday).
  • The Café and the tackle shop are closed.
  • There will be no weigh in. Please inform the boatman of your catch number and estimated weight of fish killed. If no one is about to record your catch please text your results to the number on the counter.
  • The opening Ceremony has been cancelled but there will be distant pipes.
  • We will be carrying out extra cleaning – including boat touch points at the end of sessions.

  • Our toilet facilities are minimal touch (we will jam the room door open) and extra hand gel will be available in addition to soap, warm water and dryers. LIFE JACKETS WILL BE DISINFECTED BETWEEN USERS.

Some pictures of our stockies (sorry about yours truly) going in  – and our numerically out of order boats – to whet your appetite.

ps Stirling efforts by Douglas and Connor to get the place ready. Elma is having a wee holiday till things calm down.

Corona Virus Latest Company Plans 17/3/20 at 16.50hrs

We expect all customers to observe government advice re social distancing and self isolation at home if symptoms are suspected or present.

We plan to be open for fishing as of Saturday 21/3/20. We will be implementing a few changes to further increase social distancing. Current proposals are to make payment by phone or online (otherwise correct money in envelope with name). Our tackle/permit shop and cafe will be closed.

If you need to use our facilities; driers and taps can all be elbow operated and doors to toilets rooms (not cubicles) will be jammed open. Any possible touch points will be regularly disinfected and boats and engines will be disinfected between customers.

There will be no opening ceremony or food, and launch times for 8 hour sessions will be anytime between 8.45 and 9.45 to avoid congregations of anglers. Catch returns will be by text or email and boats allocation will be printed and posted in several places at the fishery.

Plans are subject to further government advice/clarification on a daily basis.

Corona Virus Plans 16/3/20

We plan to be open for fishing as of Saturday 21/3/20. We will be implementing a few changes to further increase social distancing. Current proposals are to make payment by phone or online (otherwise correct money in envelope with name), boats allocated online, closing our cafe facilities and increased cleaning/disinfection. The measures we take and how we implement them (in detail) will be confirmed after tonight’s (16/3/20) company meeting.


Online Vouchers Now available at the Fishery website ( See the website for more information.

Individual bookings can go live from Tea time on 2nd December (if you have applied for 15 boats or more).

SCOTTISH CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS COMMITTEE are looking for new members to “officiate” on Saturday nights during the summer. Duties involve checking flies, weighing in and generally looking after the heat (and copious amount of free fishing and banter). Please contact the team from contact details on the SANACC website.

The lake is still fishing really well. Book on line at winter fishing.

End of Season Stockies at the Lake are bigger than Nessie


With the end of the busy season approaching and the quiet season just around the corner we have been emptying out our ponds and finding more fish than we bargained for. So far this week we have put in 775 hopefully cormorant proof biggies. These have been swimming around in our biggest pond with plenty of space since mid summer and probably average a shade under 4lbs but contain quite a few bigger – of 5lbs and upwards, including some stunning brownies which are always last to be netted out of a pond.

Still boats left to book on line for the end of busy season bonanaza BBQ KIRK AND SCHOOL FUNDRAISER.


Below Connor Shearer and Cormorant Busters, Keith Collet with a nice Gateside Fish. Elaine from Angling Active with a double Hook Up.


Gateside Ropes Off and the Future


The pens were pushed ashore and the ropes came off at Gateside Bay today at 12noon and there was immediate action (watch out on facebook tonight perhaps). 537 fish were stocked today with a further load of large fish 3 to 5lb due to be stocked later in the week.  

Boats Available: There are more fish than we thought – we estimate that there are around 1500 fish still left to be stocked this year. Many averaging 3lb plus. Plenty of boats available on-line midweek and for Sunday 27th and for the end of season fundraiser on Sunday 3rd November.

In the bright and calm conditions at the weekend it was a little tough but bung and buzzer tactics were successful in Gateside. In overcast conditions fish were happy to come up.


In the Youth fishing scene Jake Gilchrist won the Cormorants Shield fished for in bright challenging conditions (pictured below on left) and Angus Robertson won the Cormorants Chase Cup for best rod over the summer evenings. Trophy’s presented by Cameron Smith. Holder of 5 past national youth caps. Cormorant Youth Coach Alisdair  Mair thanked Dale Robertson owner of My Fishing Flies for his kind donations of fly fishing ancillaries  for all competitors. Also thanked were Boatmen/coaches Kenny Whitehead and Scot Limond for giving of their weekend time. The Cormorants Youth fishing club Resumes first Tuesday evening in. May 2020 and every Tuesday till mid August A. Mair if you intend attending. Concession price at the Lake for the boats and fishing is £7 per evening. Coaching is conducted by qualified UKCC licensed coaches and some Qualified Instructors and is provided on a voluntary rota basis. The coaching offers various  programs and also a more elite approach for those who would like to aspire to fishing at junior National and International level who in the course of events receive a Scottish cap if successful. The success rate in that field of Past Cormorants is quite impressive, looks great on a CV and indeed many lads have followed on at University  in either environmental or sciences based positions or indeed working in the fishing industry throughout Scotland .


End of Season Stocking/ Booking

Water Temp at 6ft 11C Secchi Disk Clarity Gateside Bay 2.2m

With only a few weeks remaining of the main season, we have a better idea of number of fish left to be stocked – although it always remains guess work until they are counted out of the holding pens and ponds.  For the last three weeks of October we will stock around 800 to 900 fish per week and in this number is included an estimated 500 fish (plus) of average weight 3-5lbs.  The end of season and overwintering should be good when the weather is mild.

SUNDAY HOURS TILL THE END OF THE SEASON ARE 11am till 6 (OR Dusk). Prices are reduced pro rata according to hours available.

There are still boats available for the Kirk and School Fundraiser  on Sunday 3rd of November. Fishing will be 11am till 3 or 4 with grub and refreshments for 2 – all for £50. Book your boat on line.


The Lake is opening a week later than last year in 2020 – on 21st March. We are pencilling in all the club bookings for a week later where feasible. Hope this works for you. When we get your booking request we will attempt to make everyone happy. See last weeks blog for more advice.

Plenty of fish in the catches this week. Gateside, Malling, Todhole, Butts and Shearpoint have been producing good catches. Buzzers and Bung have been working well!! These pictures from Colin Riach on October 5th.

Champ Keith Renton and 2020 Booking

Lake of Menteith 8th October 2019

Water Temp at 6ft 13C Secchi Disk Clarity Gateside Bay 2.5m


Keith Renton of Newton St.Boswells AC is the twenty third and 2019 Scottish Club Champion of Champions. Joiner and Builder Keith was fishing against all the other best placed anglers in the Scottish Club Championship Heats, and  netted over 20 fish, mostly from the Heronry. Keith was fishing a midge tip with cormorants and a fab type.  One factor which helped him and boat partner Archie McGilp catch so many fish – they were easily the best boat (catching 32 in total), was the fact that they had the whole bay to themselves for the most part. In second place was Scott Aitken of Tartan Tyers with 13 and in third place was Neil Barrett of Gateside AC with 11.

Reminders October Fishing

The two last Sundays of October 20th and 27th and 3rd Nov, start at 11am and finish at 6pm or dusk with pro rate cost depending on the hours available. Remember the Kirk and School Fundraiser on Sunday 3rd Nov (book online). The Kirk and School day is a charity day and all the proceeds are currently split between Kirk and School. The cost of the ticket is £50 for catch and release. This includes a free quality post-fish BBQ with soup etc, and some singing and music from the kids and a raffle – as well as ad lib refreshments.

Winter Fishing

We will as usual keep boats available midweek all winter. We need some time off, so weekends are not open to the general public. We do intend to make some weekend fishing available to a few known and competent anglers who wish to have regular weekend access on the Lake during the winter. The fishing will be more or less self-service with no staff in attendance or break down cover. If you are interested please email the fishery at for further details or to apply.


Fishing at the Lake in the year 2020 sounds kind of like science fiction but it needn’t be – if you follow our plans below.

Clubs (2 boats or more on an outing). Drop us an email ( as soon as possible and we will confirm hopefully by the end of November. If you are a club but don’t choose your dates till later,  we will allocate a similar day and number of boats as you had this year, and these boats will be reserved until we hear from you and confirm or until around mid Feb when we will release these boats (unless we hear from you) .

Individuals. All individual day booking will be done on-line. If you are an individual wishing to book fifteen boats or more for next season , email us ( and when the majority of clubs and competitions are confirmed – we will issue you with a pin number which will allow advanced private access to the website from mid December. For individuals wishing to book single boats (less than 15), this can be done online from early January when the website will be accessible  to all. Let us know your thoughts…

As usual any problems will be dealt with by telephoning the fishery 01877 385664. 

Neilston FF (B) Scottish Club Champions 2019


Neilston FF ‘B’

L to R: Engineer Brian MacKenzie, Phlebotomist James Litster and Angling Shop Retailer Tam Burnett.

Neilston B landed 46 fish, 4 more fish than their nearest rivals Rothes Oak (Gary Ormiston, Paul Cushnie and Willie Simpson) in 2nd place. In third place with 36 fish was Alba Orvis A (Gregor Fleming, Calum Crosbie and Steven Welsh). Top rod in the competition was James Litster (21 fish) and 2nd top rod was Willie Simpson of Rothes Oak with 19. James felt the fish were high in the water so persevered with the floating line (two diawls and a booby on the tail or suspender buzzer). He got most of the fish on the diawl bachs. James is Youth director of SANACC and is currently temporary Youth Team manager whilst the position lies vacant. This was his third win with Neilston B (he had a 4th win with Grizzlecats). Each time Neilston B have won the Championship James has been top rod in his evening heat and in the semifinal…….The 60 anglers weighed in 117 fish for 283lbs and returned a further 406 fish giving a total catch weight of 523 fish for 1256lbs. Rod average 8.7 fish for 21lbs.

Prior to the match Championship Secretary Dennis Splaine announced his attention to step down after 4 years in charge due to work commitments. Dennis has been a steady hand at the helm. We now have another position vacant and the potential for some changes.

Next up is the Champion of Champions final on 4th October where the top rods from the heats will commence battle for the coveted title.

October Fishing

We are in our last month of the main season and we have plenty of fish available and there are some belters – to make the end of season another good one. We will be announcing a date for opening up Gateside Bay shortly. The two last Sundays of October 20th and 27th start at 11am and finish at dusk with prorate cost depending on the hours available. Remember the Kirk and School Fundraiser on Sunday 3rd Nov (book online). More details on this shortly.

Winter Fishing

We will as usual keep boats available midweek all winter. We need some time off, so weekends are not open to the general public. We do intend to make some weekend fishing available to two or three competent anglers who wish to have regular weekends on the Lake during the winter. The fishing will be more or less self-service with no staff in attendance or break down cover. If you are interested please email the fishery at for further details or to apply.