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Way on down at the Lake 16/07/19

Lake of Menteith 16th July 2019

Water Temp at 6ft 21C Secchi Disk Clarity Gateside Bay 2.6m

The warm weather (see water temp) has sent the fish (not necessarily the pike) deep so pack your fast sinkers. Best areas of recent have been the Malling shore, The Gap and Gateside Bay. Gary Johnson and John Slaven sent in these fine photos. At these temperatures we have an advisory note to limit catch and release in the interests of fish welfare. The Scottish versus English Select match tomorrow will be fished to 10 fish catch and release and record the time of your last fish caught. Temperatures are thankfully forecast to drop over the next few days…..

2/7/19 Damsels and Jelly Fry

Lake of Menteith 2nd July 2019

Water Temp at 6ft 18C Secchi Disk Clarity Gateside Bay 3.0m

The Lake changed from dry fly optimal, to long sink tip or immediate line optimal, between Tuesday and Friday of last week. In these bright glittery conditions the fish are best found on a fast tip with blobs and boobies. Most recent good bags have been from the Malling Shore. A lot of damsel flies are on the move and in some areas the place is teeming with newly hatched coarse fry. Too late to be pike fry – more likely roach fry? If so, spawning time for roach must be around mid-June? The sequence according to some studies is perch first then pike then roach. The change in depth/tactics may not all be about an aversion to warmer water in the surface layers – although the heat last week was blistering.  It may have a link with the availability of a new menu. The pike have been very active this week and seem unphased by the mini heat wave – unlike the trout.


On the 25th Peter Auchterlonie won the SANACC semi final with 19 trout on dries in Gateside and at Malling. In second place was Gregor Fleming with 18 and 3rd Gary Ormiston with 17. Both on dries at Sams Point  and International Bay. By Friday the top method was boobies fished by Ronnie Gilbert (23 fish) with a fast tip at Kates Brae/Lochend. 2nd and 3rd were Alan MacLachlan (21 fish) and James Gardiner 16 fish – all fishing similar methods in the same area.


The Championships were interrupted by a large amount of thunder and lightening but only a little rain – and the boats all came in until deemed safe to head back out. The fish were in a fickle mood though and top rod was Gil Farid with 6 fish – helping East Kilbride into 2nd Place. 2nd top rod was Andy MacKay also with 6 fish – securing a semi final place for Port Glasgow B. Top Club was Brechin B with 7 fish.


A poor night for dry fly. Bill Ramage was top rod with 10 and Stuart Inglis was second with 9 fish. Bill Ramage was on his usual set up and Stuart on buzzers. The pressure is now on Bill Ramage and his team of diawl bach blob and cat. The League is his to loose? Stuart won the box of FARIO flys and Neil Barrett picked up the voucher.

Photo of blue, damsel, and rising trout to Dougie. Courtesy of Colin Riach


15lb pike captured on a damsel by Jim Twaddle

 Jelly Fry

Dougie and the Gentle Art

Menteith Solstice Photos (25/6/19)

Lake of Menteith 25th June 2019

Water Temp at 6ft 16.5C Secchi Disk Clarity Gateside Bay 2.8m

Summer has arrived at the Lake and we managed to avoid the deluges that hit Stirling on Monday which was good. With SANACC semi-finals dominating the week information has been a little a scarce but the dry is still doing well and most of the boats in today’s semi appear to be fishing around the islands, sandy bay and the top end – as well as Gateside Bay. Stocking this week will be on Wednesday.

Nice reverse sequence of a sunset on Saturday night and a sunrise on Saturday morning. Showing how little the sun went down on our shortest night. Thanks to Paul Garner and Frank Gillespie respectively.

In the Scottish Clubs Championship the 13 clubs (39 anglers) netted 116 fish and weighed in 55 for 120lbs. Heat 8 was fished on a balmy June evening and was won by the Alba Orvis FF  “B”   team of James Gardiner (3), David Bonnington (9) and Paul Garner (8) with a total of 20 fish.  The The Caley Liners “B” team of Stephen Francis (12), Billy Muir (4) and Kenny McClymont (2) were second with 18 fish and the Ardrossan Eglinton  AC “B” team of Darren Rourke (8), Joseph Wood (7) and Tony Goggans were third with 15 fish. Top individual rod was Stephen Francis with 12 fish for 24lbs 12.3ozs.  Stephen took his fish in the area around Chicken Leg Bay where he was fishing a dry olive. Thanks to the sponsors (Lake of Menteith, Keir Hardie Joinery, Famous Grouse, Fly Tying Scotland and Glencairn Crystal).

Photo of winners – Alba Orvis FF “B” – James, David and Paul

FARIO Menteith Boat League. Heat 8 of the Menteith boat league sponsored by Fario Flies  took place on a calm and dry evening. 22 Anglers took part and caught 109 fish. Top rod was Brian Mackenzie with 12 fish. 2nd place was Ronnie Mckean with 11 fish who won the box of Fario flies. 3rd place was Ken Oliver who won a voucher for a free nights fishing. The majority of the fish on the night were caught on dry flies around Malling shore and in the cages. Brian MacKenzie is now top of the leader board with Bill Ramage in second place.

Next week we have the Angler’s World Individual Heat on Sunday and there are still places left.

Road closures are still affecting access to the Lake but now only from Callander. There are no access problems from Thornhill or any other direction. Callander road is open till 9am (12noon till 1pm) and after 5.30pm.

Check the Stirling Council website road closures or phone the fishery for advice.


On Sunday Colin Riach was out with the Heriots AA and he was the best bag I spoke to on Sunday with 12 fish and he also took some great shots (see below). Colin was fishing Mayfly Patterns all day and had most success in the Butts. Below is Colin’s Boat track and a close up of his Mayfly Pattern. Thanks Colin.

Loop Tackle had an OPEN DAY at the fishery on Sunday and had 4 boats with 4 instructors on standby to take newbie pike fly fishers out and give them some tips. There was also pike fly demos, talks, videos and land based casting lessons. The day was a great success and thanks to all involved including PAAS and FishX’s Stuart Sutherland. It was an excellent way to new people into the sport and a formula which could be easily copied by other organisations who wish to use the Lake’s Howff, boats and beach.

Road closures are still affecting access to the Lake between Thornhill and Rusky. There is no problem with access before 9am and after 5.30pm and also an open phase between noon and 1pm.

Check the Stirling Council website road closures or phone the fishery for advice.…/planned-road-closures/.

road works

The A81 Between the Port and the Rob Roy will be closed all day Friday 14th June between 9 and 12noon and 1 and 5pm. I have spoken to the road guys and there are no plans to work at the weekend anywhere. The A873 (west of Thornhill) will be closed from the 18th June (9 till 12noon and 1pm till 5pm) until the job is done.

Clarity on the up/Daphnia

Lake of Menteith 11th June 2019

Water Temp at 6ft 16C Secchi Disk Clarity Gateside Bay 3.1m

Big change in the water in progress with a daphnia (see scoop) explosion and a large increase in clarity. Top bags were on dries at the Malling shore on dries, lures and nymphs but there are signs that the buzzers might be coming on with the improved clarity. Peter Batchelor and Gary Hamilton lost count down at Lochend yesterday- whilst other boats at Malling etc found it more difficult. They were fishing these two buzzers tied by Peter (Annie’s buzzer variants) with a coral or red fab on a floating line.  

Congratulations to Greg McLaren for being top rod in the Anglian Water Airflow International Heat at the Lake and also to the best team on the day – Scottish Club Champions Lintrathen. Also qualifying for the International final at Rutlands were Alba Orvis AC, Change FF, Menteith Ospreys and Neilston Fly Fishers.  Greg is Pictured being congratulated by Jon Marshall of Anglian Water.

Scottish Club Championship Qualifyers this week were Saltire, Newton St.Boswells and Neilston FF all went through to the semi-finals.

In the Fario Boat League Top Rod was Bill Ramage was top rod with 20 fishing the plantation all night with cormorants and a cat booby. George Whyte leads the pack, one point ahead of Brian MacKenzie.

In the Fin-ancial scene Clydesdale Bank out fished the Danske Banke by 32 fish to 21.

Road closures are still affecting access to the Lake. Check the Stirling Council website road closures or phone the fishery for advice. Unusually it has been suggested that work might be ongoing over the weekends but this is not clear on the websites. We will find out and let you know.  

4th June: Lintrathen Dries and Pike on the Fly and Lure

Lake of Menteith 4th June 2019

Water Temp at 6ft 14C Secchi Disk Clarity Gateside Bay 2.30m

Kevin, Chris and Neil of Lintrathen AC

A gradual improvement in water clarity and the best sport at the weekend was on dries. In the Scottish clubs, last year’s winners Lintrathen (Kevin Neri, Chris McAllister and Neil Anderson) won the heat comfortably fishing dries at the Malling shore and the Plantation. The 33 anglers netted 133 fish. On the previous Wednesday the same area provided the best bags in the FARIO FLY boat league (top rod Bill Ramage) but this time with cormorants and a cat booby (21 anglers netted 134 fish).

The pike anglers have been out in force on the Lake. Dougie Loughridge had this beauty whilst pike fly fishing.

The Pike Anglers Alliance Scotland had the first of their lure outings (next one is Monday 24th June) and netted in 121 jacks and 9 double figure fish up to 17lbs. Duncan Glen had 3 good fish on a magnum toby whilst others were catching well on pig shads. Fishery member of staff Connor did well on his lure night with a good brownie (there was also an 8lb brownie caught and returned) and a good pike.

Watch out for the Road Closures next week as the A81 is scheduled for closure 10th to 21st  June between the Port and the Rob Roy. When this is completed, work will start on the A873 between Thornhill and the hill road to Callander (roads will be open before 9 and after 6pm apparently and 12noon to 1pm) .

First recorded Fly Caught Tench 20/5/19

FIRST RECORDED LAKE TENCH CAUGHT ON A FLY by Josh Brush from Shetland/Belfast. We knew there was a population of Tench as we have had visual reports many years back and also a dead tench on the Lake exit grid about 10 years ago. So, it was no surprise when big Josh told us he had caught one – and proved the population is still present. These fish are very strong and this one was fooled by a size 12 pheasant tail nymph.

Some good fishing at the Lake in the last few days in the duller conditions despite lower than usual clarity. There is a lot of practicing for the last heat of the SANACC on Friday, but dries were apparently the top method on Saturday Night in the Scottish Clubs. Top 3 man team Alba Orvis (Calum Crosbie, Stevie Welsh and Gregor Fleming) caught 35 between them. Sandy Bay was also productive today with one angler netting between 35 on grunters and buzzers. Other anglers reported good sport with buzzers and big dries on the washing line on Sunday. Also qualifying were Future FF with 27 fish and Butcher Boy with 22 fish. In total the 30 anglers landed 159 fish. Increasing numbers of May fly are on the water.

Matt Roberts travelled all the way from London to fly fish for pike with guide Stuart Sutherland of FishX. His journey wasn’t wasted. He landed 8 double figure pike fishing a Dyckers and a Di3 line. His biggest (pictured below weighed 18lbs). Good fishing Matt.

Awfie Bright 14/05/19

Lake of Menteith 14th May 2019

Water Temp at 6ft 13C Secchi Disk Clarity Gateside Bay 1.5m

Things have got more difficult this week which might be linked to the high pressure, sunshine and drop in clarity ?? Recent stockings of over 1000 fish should boost catches (this Monday and Tuesday). The week before it was the washing line, then last week it was the vertical buzzer. This week it is back to the washing line.

Over the weekend; Rookery, Sandy bay, butts and Katies Brae did best with the washing line on a midge tip again the best method – with the minister buzzer (we are sold out) and a tequila fab or cat boobie on the tail. The past couple of nights when the sun has started to go down the fish have been enticed by grunters and yellow owls

Photos. Douglas Scott with a nice fish estimated at between 6 and 7lb safely returned. Also Dione Roberts with a 6.5lb blue.

Campbell Cree was top rod in the SCOTTISH CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS with 6 fish using a fab and buzzers then changing to dries. Top Team was Munnoch AC (Brian Shepherd, Tom Harvie and Darren Hughes) with 11 fish.

In the FARIO MENTEITH  Boat League Davie Chalmers was top with 12 fish on a glass line pulling lures. 2nd top was Craig Inglis (pictured left) with 11 on similar tactics. The two Newbies Davie Chalmers and Neil Barratt are first equals after two heats.