Most Capped Internationalists/Please Pay at the Fishery (not online) if you can.

Clarity 1.9m Water Temp 17.5c at 6ft

This picture was handed to me by Ernie Baglow with reference to his departed friend Eric Campbell as the most capped Scottish International Fly Fisher. Which got me thinking ….who is the second most capped individual? Anyone keeping a tally. Is there a list out there?

Some people are still buying vouchers to pay for their boats. The charges for this are around 1.7% for online payment. If you pay in person at the fishery the usual card charge is around 1%. Dont give your money to the bankers :).

The fish are spreading out into the shallower bays these days (or staying after stocking). Yesterday the best tactics were dries out in the middle or the gap. Colin Miller had an enjoyable day today, not into double figures for the boat but a great day all the same – and he came off before the torrential rain which is bouncing down as I write this at 4pm. Just heard another angler saying a great day with action on every drift. This is Colin’s best fish from today, taken at the point of the rookery. He was glad he saw it (5lb?)as until that point,the way it fought, he though the might have a new PB.

This was Lana’s 54cm broonie that she netted during the Ladies National last weekend.

We have had one or two cancellations for next week so it is worth looking at boat availability if there was none at the last looking……