Menteith Opening Day Best Angler Pic and Jimmy Nairn Memorial Bowl Winner

Photo A

The best fishy pic taken by an angler on our opening day was a photo taken by Stuart Marklow of his Dad Derek – Photo C – holding a cracker of a trout. The trout’s weight is unknown but was truly a fin perfect specimen and an easy first choice.  In second place was Campbell Morgans jaggy finned trout (Photo B) but no smiley coupon.  Calum Fraser captured this trout on his first cast using a variable retrieve (he was rumaging in his tackle at the time). Photo A was placed 3rd. Alisdair Mair had a cracking big trout (10lbs – photo D) but size isnt everything and he was placed 4th. The memorial trophy will be updated with Derek Marklow’s name and the bowl which was carved from the big Lochend Beach by Chris Carroll of Lochend, will be inscribed with Photographer and captor’s names.

Photo B
Photo C
Photo D

Lots of more news but thats enough for today. Remember the day session stops at 5pm now. All the best.