Menteith Frequent Flyer Details

Frequent Lake Flyer Card for season 2023
10% Discount on boats and tackle; Card Cost £30
As our costs have inevitably increased in the last year we have put our prices up by around 5.5% depending on the ticket. This is a lot less than increases in our costs.
As these are not easy times we decided to introduce a discount card to help our frequent visitors. If you buy one of these (cost £30) it will give significant savings as shown in the pic below. The more you come, the more you save 🙂. We will also discount anything in the shop (can order specific tackle in). It applies to the whole boat and can be used during club outings or two man or individual boats. Holders will get early access to our online booking for the following season. It cannot be used in competitions that are already supported (discounted or sponsored) by the Lake (eg SANACC, Scottish Clubs, Fario Boat League or Scottish Open. It will be valid for a year from date of purchase.


The sea eagle was busy today.