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Menteith Fishery



September 8th

6ft Water Temp: 15C, Clarity (secchi disk): 1.8m .

Hot Spots: South-east corner of the Lake; i.e. Tod hole, Lochend and Kate’s Brae – extending up the Shore Road to Shear Point and round to Sam’s Point, with plenty of fish in the cages also. Most catches have reported using a floater or sink tip with nymphs, crunchers and an attracter (i.e. a lure). The following few days will see a fair amount of research prior to the National Fly Fishing Championship on Saturday. We plan to have the stocking completed for the week by Tuesday 9th.

New Scottish Ladies’ Menteith Champion

Gail Annall (pictured on right) receives the championship trophy from Bunty Webster. Gail from Irvine, netted 13 fish using blobs in the Lochend/Todhole Drifts. The 24 contestants landed 97 fish.
In second place was newcomer Dione Roberts and 3rd was Jean Ferguson. The overall aggregate champion (the competition had two legs) for 2008 was Jean Ferguson. 2nd overall was Abigail Montgomery and 3rd Ailsa Smith.

Club Catches
Falkirk FC (4 boats) 17 fish 38lbs 12, Bank of Scotland 15 boats 98 fish for 292lbs plus 138 returned,  Longannet 3 boats 12 fish for 28lbs, Wiremill AC 10 boats 12 fish for 25lbs, Heriots 9 boats 56 fish weighed plus 22 returned.