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Report for week ending 21st June.
Temperature at 6ft 16.5C; Clarity 3.4m. Clarity is the best it has been so far this year. Some cold nights cooled the water temperature at 6ft to 14.5C but it soon rose up again to nearer normal levels –although cooler than last years (19C). There is a large amount of daphnia in the top layers and fishing have remained high up in the water, and in shallower water than is usual for this time of year. Successful areas have been the road shore, Hotel Bay and the reeds, Gateside, Dog Isle and the Malling Shore. Successful techniques have been a fast retrieve on the surface or just below using a slime type line. We had a day stormed off, and two practice days for the Ladies in which all fish were returned.

The highlight of the week was the win by the Scotland team in the recent Ladies International Flyfishing Competition held at the Lake. From left to right: Irene Clarke, Helen Philp, Margaret Johnston, Ailsa Smith, Abigail Leonard, Lana Taylor(Captain), Sheila Mannion, Wendy Mitchell, Gillian Forsyth, Liz Ellison, Jane Wright(Manager), Morag Wallace, Agnes Anderson, Jean Ferguson. RESULTS
1st SCOTLAND 48 fish 133lbs 4oz, 2nd IRELAND 42 fish 121lbs 5oz, 3rd ENGLAND 45 fish 116lbs 0oz, 4th WALES 24 fish 63lbs 5 ½ oz.
Totals 159 fish 434 lbs (av. fish weight 2lbs 12oz). Top rod: Tracey Rathbone of England, with 8 fish for 27lb 8 oz (uncapped weight).Heaviest Fish: Sandra Moffitt of Ireland with a 7 lb 4 ½ oz Rainbow. Scotland’s top rod was Jean Ferguson with 6 fish for 17 lb 7 oz.

Scottish Club Championships and Daily Record Champion of Champions – 19th June Eve

The 51 anglers caught 66 fish for 146lbs 3oz.
1st Tillicoultry AC (W.Ramage, B.McIlquhan, A.Galloway) 11 fish 33lbs 5oz
2nd Stanley & District B (C.Miller, R.Ferguson, W.Grant) 7 fish 16lbs 3oz
3rd Edinburgh Alliance (D.Sibson, C.Buchan, M.Morona) 6 fish 14lbs 3oz
Top 4 Individuals qualifying for the Champions Final were 1st W.Ramage (Tillicoultry) , 2nd D.MacDougall (Aberfoyle) – alos heaviest fish at 5lbs 3oz, 3rd S.O’Neill (Neilston) 4th A.Galloway (Tillicoultry). The winning club, winning individual and the captor of the heaviest fish all received bottles of Bowmore Single Malt. Bill Ramage got his 8 fish limit (the only limit bag on the night) fishing a fast glass line with a black and green booby, muddler and a white cat. He was close to the reeds in International Bay.
On a wet and breezy night it fished well - with 29 anglers catching a total of 90 fish for 263 lb 9oz. The fish were near the surface, so either a floater or a slow sinking line was the order of the night. The top rod was Derek Marklaw; he had 7 fish for 22lb 1oz. Derek was fishing up in Gateside bay using a White cat’s whisker on an intermediate line. Walter Archibald regained his top position. More details at the Glenkinchie page.