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Report for week ending 11th April 2004

Temperature at 6ft 8C; Clarity 1.6m.

Temperatures are on the up now. The swallows/house martins are back to join the ospreys that have been arriving or passing through for some time. We have reports of a white heron seen on and around the Lake. There are also confusing reports of egrets (similar appearance) in the district. Some calmer weather and the arrival of some real heat have been enjoyed by all and resulted in some prolific grey black buzzer hatches, which have been spooned in quantity from the resident fish. Over-wintered fish are still a big feature of the catches. Tactics have varied between intermediate sinking lines and small (often black) lures - and floating line and dry tactics with buzzers or shipmans. Other successful flies are as usual the white cat, viva and cormorant. Fish have again appeared mostly in the eastern basin and takes have been mostly close in – notable drifts have been the Butts, Lochend and the Road shore.

Left: A fine “jaggy” blue. Photo courtesy of Colin Riach (Heriots FP AC).




Alan Morrison also of Heriots boated this one a bit further out. Photo courtesy of Alan Morrison.

Club Results: Tues 6th: Milngavie (3 boats 10 fish for 22lbs). Wed 7th: Strathclyde Police (12 boats) 54 fish for 109lbs. Sat 10th: Clydesdale Bank (7 boats) 42 fish for 92lbs, Heriots (6 boats) 17 fish for 44lbs (4 returned). Sun 11th: 28 boats landed 165 fish. Townhill of Dunfermline (8 boats) 40 fish for 70lbs, Lochinch AC (8 boats) 47 fish for 96lbs, Tilly AC (3 boats) 16 fish for 32lbs.