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Fishery Report: 24th June to 30th June
Water temperature is 19C at 6ft and wind has reduced clarity to 2.3m. Sport is possible with most lines but D12 or 3 lines up to floating have been most popular. At these water temperatures the best drifts are usually over or closer to the deeper water where the cooler more oxygenated thermocline is accessible to the fish. A variety of flies on a washing line, booby, diawl bach, hares lug, cormorant, black buzzer, white cat, goldhead damsel…… have been used to good effect.

June Monthly Summary
3602 fish caught for 7293lbs (av. wt 2lbs) were caught in the month of June. No of fish caught per boat hire in June was 3.25 (down from 3.46 last year). Weight per boat landed in June was on average 6.54lbs. Numbers caught this year are down 6% on last year - despite a marginal increase (2%) in numbers of fish stocked per boat hire for June and for the year todate. Most anglers would agree tho that this year's stockies are in better than ever condition and the dry fly sport and clarity has been excellent in June.

Club Results and other Notable Catches
25th June: Norwich Rod Promoter, Ian Coutts of Edinburgh called it a day with 6 for 16lbs – including this ongrown 6lb 4oz fish (pictured left). Ian was using classic buzzer techniques off reedy point. T.Ward and Jim Davey 14 for 28lbs. In the evening the sixth night of the Glenkinchie boat league landed 59 fish for 119lbs from 13 boats. Top rod and heaviest fish was D.Paterson who collected a bottle of Glenkinchie for the heaviest and only limit bag. Adam Wallace collected the 2nd bottle for catching the 3rd heaviest bag. A.Ronald remains top of the table. Some nice on grown fish in the bags.

26th June: SANA semi-final: 20 boats landed 142 fish for 279lbs (list of qualifiers available in competitions section). Top rod was Jim Kyle on the road shore with wee flees (white cat & diawl bach) and a floating line. 27th June: Fly Dressers Guild (Edin)- 5 boats 31 fish for 78lbs. T.Brown (Beith St.Innans) 14 fish for 30lbs, Lochgelly AC (5 boats) 19 fish for 40lbs, Trossachs (5 boats) 24 fish for 49lbs. Clydesdale Bank (6boats) 9 fish for 21lbs.

28th June: Saturday AC (Edin) 10 boats 42 fish 87lbs, Blackly/Osborne 15 fish for 32lbs.
On Saturday evening the 48 anglers taking part in the 8th heat of the Scottish Interclub Championships caught 105 fish weighing 211lbs 9oz. The winning 3 man team was St.Serfs A with 17 fish for 36lbs 2oz, 2nd were Troon A with 11 fish for 22lbs 5oz and 3rd were Soldier Palmers with 11 fish for 21lbs 15oz. The heaviest fish (3lb) was caught by A.Lindsay of West Linton A. The best bag was taken from the road shore using a floating line with a diawl bach and hare’s lug. Further details of the top 4 individuals qualifying for the Champion of Champions will be available in the competitions sponsor – the Daily Record. Top four from last week were H.Law, G.McGregor, D.Skedd & A.McKellor. The winning club, best individual and heaviest fish all received Bowmore Whisky. The following teams are competing on the 5th July: Albert, Grangemouth B, Agilent Tech, Alderfly fishers, Avonbank A, Caol AC, Carradale AC, CIBA, Crown Fly Fishers, Cupar, Dalbeattie, Dunoon, East Kilbride, Newtyle and Meigle, Penicuik, Phoenix, Rothes Oak, Sana, Tullibody A.

Sunday 29th: Ardgowan (Inverclyde) 5 boats 22 fish for 44lbs, Stewarton AC 6 boats 33 fish for 65lbs

Monday 30th: Lochinch AC 9 boats 35 fish for 72lbs, Lothian and Borders v Central Police 6 boats 33 fish for 64lbs