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16th to 21st April (incl) 2003


The good catch rate has continued at Menteith this week (4.4 fish for 8lbs 3oz per boat hire). A population explosion of Daphnia (water flea) has helped to clear the water and visibility is now 2m and water temperature 12C. The east winds have redistributed the fish – which can now be found pretty much all over. Areas performing exceptionally well have been Hotel Bay, Dog Isle and Stable Point. Best lines have been the high intermediates although deeper tactics have also produced good bags - according to the drift. Techniques and flies have also varied but lures have been most effective (e.g. grizzle cat, red tailed kate, viva, Montana, gold fritz and booby).

This week the Fishery received a cheque of £11 700. Advance payment from the 256 Scottish Angling Clubs that have registered to take part in the 2003 Scottish Club Championships and Champion of Champion Competitions – hosted by the Lake and sponsored by the Daily Record with additional rod and reel prizes provided by the Angling Centre Stirling. (Photo L to R: Martin Grantham of Angling Centre Stirling, Elma Nesbit (Lake Fisheries), Kenny Millar (Competition co-ordinator) and John Linde (Daily Record). The first of the 14 Saturday night heats is the 10th May.

Club Results and other Notable Catches

15th April: McGregor and Cairns 15 fish for 29lbs. 17th April: Muckle and Smith (Mid-Calder) 13 fish for 26lbs, Barclay/McCabe 15 for 28lbs, McGregor (Beith) 15 for 27lbs, Graham/Morrison 15 for 29lbs, G.Michie 7 for 15lbs. 18th April: Fly Dressers Scottish Committee (5 boats) 49 fish for 93lbs, Fullerton and Sutherland 15 fish for 32lbs, Frank O’Reilly 15 fish 29lbs. 19th April: Falkirk Fly Dressers (6 boats) 51 fish for 92lbs, Falkirk and Municipal (12 boats) 72 fish for 130lbs. 20th April: Edinburgh Alliance (6 boats) 30 fish for 52lbs, M.Anderson/F.McConnel 15 for 34lbs.21st April: Ladies National Team (6 boats) 33 fish, Stanley AC (8 boats) 51 fish for 92lbs.

Best regards from Quint Glen