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September 2003 Summary.
The average number of fish caught per boat in September was 4.33, and the average fish weight was 2lbs 2½ oz – giving an average boat catch of 9.35lbs per boat hire. This was a little down on last September when on average of 4.75 fish were caught per boat hire. The number of boat hires was similar to last year (i.e. fully booked) and the number of fish stocked was increased by 25%. Hopefully we will see the benefit in October and in 2004. September was a month of exceptional water clarity for the Lake. Levels hovered around 3.5 - 4m during the middle weeks and a recorded visibility of 4.1m on the secchi disk is the best since records began 4 years ago. Temperature fell from 16C to 13C as the month progressed. The winter destratification and mixing of the water column is now under way. With this clarity cloud cover was essential and the best flies were small.

Fishery Report: 30th September – 6th October.
The Club Championship was won by Beith St.Inans (see Club Championship 2003 Results)
Water temperature has remained steady at 13 C at 6ft and clarity is 3.2m on the Secchi Disk. Strong North Westerlies have made fishing difficult over the last few days. Areas producing good catches are the Road Shore, Cages, Hotel Bay and the Heronry. Lures have taken the most fish (blob, cats, sparkler). Fast sink lines are an advantage in getting some depth when drifting quickly.

This weekend sees the last big competition on the Lake in 2003. The Daily Record Champion of Champions Final on Sunday 12th September. We are now able to release some of our bigger fish, and we have 500 fintastic looking fish of average weight 4-5lbs which will be stocked on Tuesday October the 14th. A final stocking for the season will take place in our penultimate week on the 21st October.

Above:Paul Young and Kevin McCabe (right, then left) having some fun for charity.

Club Results and other Notable Catches
1st Oct: Fife Police 13 boats 37 fish for 74lbs, Davie and Ward (Cumnock) 13 fish 34lbs.
2nd Oct: Young and McCabe 13 fish for 31lbs 6oz, C.Morgan (Dumbarton) 15 fish for 30lbs, Millar (Airdrie) 9 fish for 21lbs.
3rd Oct: Scottish Club Championship Finals 24 boats 208 fish for 436lbs.
4th Oct: Falkirk Fly Dressers (7 boats) 47 fish 111lbs, Scotsman AC (4 boats) 12 fish 24lbs, Aberfoyle AC 6 boats 19 fish 43lbs, Inchinnon 5 boats – no return, Thack Lines 3 boats - no return.
5th Oct: Falkirk and Municipal AC (11.5 boats) 56 fish for 125lbs – 2003 Champion Willie Leach.