Menteith/Fario Fly Boat League 2021


The Menteith Boat League is looking for new members and for confirmation from existing members that they will be taking part in 2021. Please phone 01877 385664 or contact the fishery ( The Menteith Boat League has been running since 2002 and so we will be celebrating its 20th year (china) anniversary.  The boat league was created with an emphasis centred on friendship and skill sharing. 

This year’s rules are shown below. The Boat League Committee members are Quint Glen, Douglas Fraser, Connor Fraser and Stuart Inglis. 

We are pleased to confirm Fario Flies will again sponsor the League in 2021. The Menteith Fario Boat League kicks off on Wednesday 12th May with 15 heats. The final positions are based on the anglers top 9 heats. The final heat and presentation is on Wednesday 18th Aug. We plan to commence with the rules that we finished with last year. Entry to the League is £20.  50% of this subscription money will go towards monetary prizes for first, second and third places, split 6:3:1 respectively, the other 50% will go to the winners choice of charity (we still have last years charity money to present to Strathcarron Hospice).

There will be two prizes awarded at each heat – a box of Fario flies and a free heat voucher (£15.50 – £18). Competitors can only receive each price once, prizes then being awarded to the next best angler who hasn’t reached a prize limit. All members require to be proposed by an existing boat leaguer (i.e. who fished in 2020 or by a member of the committee/or lake staff). The fishing will be catch and release to lake rules (eg debarbed or barbless hooks and no fly size limit). Catch cards will be issued and these must be filled in by your boat partner and signed by both parties. In the event of a tie in the number of fish released the winner is decided on the basis of the time of the first fish caught (also recorded by your boat partner). Boat pairings are randomly selected on the night and guests can take part but should be entered in the boat selection draw. The command of the boat changes half way through the shift and competitors can change ends or as may be mutually agreed. Any complaint arising during the course of the heats must be notified to the person in charge within 20 minutes of the end of the heat. Proposals for changes can be made to the committee if the proposer gets support from two other boat league members. These proposals along with letters of support should be in writing to This proposal must then be circulated by email to all members for their vote in favour or against. The decision being made in favour of the proposal with the majority of votes received within the stated time. If less than 50% of boat league members reply within the stated time period the ballot is invalidated. The committee reserve the right to disqualify any angler from the competition.

12th May results

On the first night of the 2021 Menteith boat league sponsored by Fario flies 19 anglers including 7 newbies went out and caught 56 fish. Everyone said it was a frustrating night with fish rising everywhere. Craig Inglis sussed what they wanted using a Cortland blue with a red headed damsel, he caught 13 fish round Sam’s point into the rookery.2nd was Brian Quinn with 5 fish, he was using buzzers on a floating line down near Todd’s hole. 3rd was Ally Kennedy also with 5 fish but Brain caught his first fish sooner the Ally caught his first.

Craig wins a Fario fly box with some flies and Brian wins a voucher for a free nights fishing.