Menteith Boat League 02.07.20

Boat League

On the second evening of the 2020 Menteith boat league sponsored by Fario Flies 20 anglers caught 129 fish, which works at an average of 6.5 fish per angler. The winner was Brian Mackenzie with 19 fish with his first fish being caught at 6:01 (the boats went out at 5:55pm), Second place was Keir Hardie with 15 fish his first was caught at 6:17, in 3rd place was Bill Ramage with 13 fish his first was caught at 6:15. The fish were caught on a variety of different methods throughout the night with dries being the top performer, especially in between inchmahome and Inchtalla. Other successful methods were boobies and emergers in the Cages and Butts down to Lochend.