Late Lake Blog 29th Sept 2021…Cooling

The Scottish Club Championships were held on Friday 24th September. Congratulations to Lintrathen FF “A”; Tyler HayBarry Robertson and Kevin Neri, for their win. Full Report at


I would like to pay tribute to the hard working SANAC committees that run the National and the Scottish Club Championships. In Particular, Mick Moran and Tom MacTaggart, for the massive amount of hard work and devotion they give to these two events but a big thanks is also due to the committees that supervise each match.


The Lake is starting to cool down rapidly with a succession of cold nights and fishing would apear to be getting easier. Yesterday the 6ft temperature was 16C and 2m clarity as measured by a secchi disk.


We have been stocking some fantastic looking slim big fish this week (4 -10lbs) now that the big competitions are over (with the exception of our champion of champions competition on 8th Oct). Hope they give you some fun. I had to leave the beach early but messaged a pair of anglers, Gus Armour from Fife and Billy Brash from Midlothian,to see how they got on. They had 47 to the boat 17 fish of 4lb plus. There was a fab involved – perhaps on a sink tip. Photos below.


The quarterly meeting of the Lake’s Board which currently comprises most of the Landowners around the Lake- and me (the manager) for an hour took place last night. It was agreed to approve and strengthen our proposal to further discount young people fishing the Lake. We now offer a free fishing to all those AGED 25 YEARS AND UNDER if they are out with a senior (older than 26 years). If there are two young persons (25 and under) in a boat they pay single angler prices.

COULAM WHEELIE BOAT USERS please be aware that there will be no electric start available on this boat for a reasonable period as the pinion drive has worn out again. They only seem to last two years and it is an expensive job as the fly wheel and starter pinion need replaced.