Lammas Floods 28/07/20

My Dad always liked to sneek this phrase in when it rained at this time of year – and it didnt half come down yesterday – drier to day but with gusts to 38. It is not ideal harvest weather, but the fishing has been quite good! Visibility hasn’t been brilliant for a while and the washout from yesterday hasnt improved matters. Clarity is 2.1m on the Secchi disk and water temperature at 6ft is 17C.

Bill Ramage and Alan Bernard had a good day yesterday despite the rain – catching over 30 to the net. Bill was on his renowned cat – not sure what line. Best sport recently has been at the Malling Shore, Gateside, The Islands and the Gap and the Butts. Dries, washing line wth crunchers and diawls and lures on a di 3 have all had their moments.