Lake will be unlocked (hopefully) on the 26th April for non Stirling Council residents

The first minister detailed the governments time line for lifting of travel restrictions as the 26th of April. We had hoped it would be sooner but happier at least that we will all be able to move about Scotland by that date. In the meantime only Stirling Council residents or 12 to 17 year olds who have permission to travel outside of their council area (more or less), can come and fish on the Lake. This puts paid to our normal opening day and those of you who had requested an opening day boat and who live outwith the Stirling Council Area will already be resigned to not being able to attend.  We might manage 15 boats! Please get in contact if you are unclear.

We have carried out a preliminary stocking of 990 trout (554 of average wt 1.9lbs and 436 of 2.8lbs)- which is less than normal. In 2019 we stocked 1400 fish preseason with a bit of a record opening day catch. In 2020 it was 1010 fish. We may put a few more in prior to Saturday but are temped to wait a little for the cormorants to migrate to their breeding grounds and then we will put in a lot of fish as we will need the room, similar to last year.

Pictured below are the fish going in, the remnants of snow on the Lake’s Bens and two anglers who sadly recently left us and they will be much missed. Jim Horne.  Janet Robertson. We know they enjoyed their Lake time.

Look forward to meeting up with those that we can on Saturday. There is a wee story about the Lake below the pictures.

Fishing is not a new pass time at theLake as this sound byte from the excellent  Radio Scotland programme –  Out of Doors describes. Worth a listen. I am sure the beeb wont mind a bit of free advertising. Tune in on Saturday mornings…

PS Someone was asking us why we put up our prices at the weekend. Answer our income is limited by boat number as we have no bank anglers due to the SSSI status of the Lake, and effectively limits angling pressure/ income. So it is market driven and helps revenue but also assists the folks who are hard at work during the week to get a boat at the weekend as it reduces weekend demand from others who can fish any day, e.g. retired folks – for whom we do a good value reduced weekday ticket :).