Lake Blog 6/10/20 and a very big Cherry Table

Secchi Disk 2.1  6ft Water Temperature 13C

Well the weather is remaining reasonable and and catches at the lake are pleasingly on the big side. The size of the fish is due to the fact that many of these fish are being stocked considerably later than planned as a result of our closure in April and May, in addition they have had more room to grow. The fish that we would normally have been stocked in the last month of the main season will be kept as the first fish to stock with in 2021. We are in the process of moving these fish to their winter quarters and then we have some major pond relining operations to carry out before we take delivery of the remaining small bows for ongrowing for next year.

Today was a dry fly day  and we have had good reports from all airts and pairts of the Lake. e.g. Lochend, Hotel Bay, Gateside and the Malling Shore. In hotel bay a sink tip or floater and booby and crunchers produced good numbers. In the previous few days the bung and bug (3ft down at Stable Point and Gateside) was very effective. In the Police National last week the 36 rods netted 179 fish – not bad going considering the big average weight of the fish. Congratulations to Ronnie Turnbull the new Police Natiuonal Champ. We will declare the rope off day in Gateside in the next few days….

Please remember that Sundays these days and from now are a 9 till 10 start with gates open 8am ish and all boats in by 5.30pm.

The winter and 2021

As most folks will be aware we will remain open with a reduced number of boats all winter including weekends but excluding the Christmas and New year break.  For this period and for the new season we are moving to a new booking system powered by ibookfishing. Not only will this hopefully help to reduce our financial deficit and be a good testing ground for the new booking system, but winter fishing definitely helps to keep the cormorants off. As we are starting from scratch (ie no bookings in the system) we are planning to have a one stop booking portal where boats are reserved and paid for in a single form. Clubs will be able to pay a deposit but we are still cogitating about how best to do this. The winter booking portal will be open soon (hopefully by the end of next week) and will apply to all boat bookings from 16th Nov going forward. Please feel free to email your club booking requests for 2021 to We will reply to all bookings in November/early Dec once we have the main competitions and club outings in place. Individual day boats can be booked from the start of 2021 online.


We had the finest picnic table I have ever seen delivered to the Lake at the weekend. It is a memorial for Geordie Broon. An amazing tribute. Very big thanks to all. More photos below from Colin Riach. Love the splash.