Clarity Secchi 2.5m; Temperature 6ft 15C

Quite pleased with our new bespoke gutting sink. We hope that it will encourage folks to keep more of their locally sourced rod caught free range trout. Possibly promoting locally caught trout to be put on the table (without the mess), might tempt more newbies into trout angling?  We provide the sink, tap hoses, cutting board, chain mail glove, knife sharpeners and fillet bag but you need to bring your own knife and place the guts in the bucket. Simples. No mess – no fuss – and dinner is sorted.

We had a very pleasant change from our routine last week with Ladies arriving from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales to take part in the Ladies International. Congratulations to the winning English Team and well done all the organisers for making it such a brilliant event. When something only happens every four years it takes a lot of time and thought for the home country to make sure everything runs smoothly. The weather on the day of the final was a bit of a challenge with winds forecast to be gusting into the mid 30mph but all the boats were safely (more or less) brought back to the beach. Boatman were advised of the importance of keeping a balanced boat (i.e. keeping the nose up) and of the need to keep spray water baled. In retrospect this might be too big an ask of the boatmen and in future if a decent wave is forecast I would ask the countries to supply angler weight information so that position in the boat is decided before hand. I have not got any pictures yet and will post as soon as they are received but we would like to offer a huge thanks to everyone involved.

In the past couple of days there has been a significant mayfly hatch and dry fly tactics have been the best method in recent days; yesterday Bill Rammage and Alan Bernard netting 14 and Colin Riach and Jimmy Millar had 12. Today Tom McBride and Alec Rennie had 16 on dries mainly off International Bay. There are reports of fish on dries or trickier fish feeding on abundant shucks and daphnia.

Picture of the Scottish Police National also on there way….congratulations Roddy.