Gateside Bay Ropes off Date

Water Temperature 12C at 6ft Sechi Disk 2.2m

We have set the date for removing the exclusion rope and pushing the pens ashore at Gateside. This will allow you lot more shelter from the autumnal winds and and a chance at the big residents that lurk in the vicinity. It is Tuesday 20th October Midday ish. The lake has fished well at times this week with one individual fishing for Pentland AC catching 20 (Andy Anderson). Others have done well today pulling lures or snakes on di3 lines from Lochend to Reedy Point on the east shore out of the strong easterly wind. The two best boats that we spoke to today had 20 and 15 to the boat and with an average weight of around 3lbs these days -that is some catch. We stocked 700 this week of fish in the 3-5lb weight range…Paul Barr was out today so some photos on facebook later hopefully.