Fry Time at the Lake

Water temp at 6ft 17.5C Gateside Clarity on Secchi disk 2m

Things have cooled down quickly at the Lake form last week’s seasonal high of 20.5 c at 6ft. Interestingly I took the surface water temperature at Malling shore last week and it read around 18C and then drove to Hotel Bay where the surface temperature was reading 21.5C. I think there are springs at the west end… well as a wind effect. Must try¬† a repeat in an easterly.

Top bag so far this week (in these cooler water temperatures) was Stewart Marshall of Forth Valley Police.Stewart took fish on a variety of methods but by far the most productive was a damsel on a 6ft sink tip – in the Gateside Area and Portend Burnmouth. Stewart had 26 to his rod … wasnt so easy for the rest of his club. Some boats today doing even better on lure types today I hear.

Dry flies are still producing reasonable catches and the odd mayfly are still to be found.

The fry are shoaling in the margins. Plenty of weekday and weekend boats available at the moment.