Fair Weather for Fishing at the Lake but mind how you come and go. 14th July.

The temperature has been a cool 15.5 to 16C at 6ft this week and clarity is a pleasant 2.7m on the secchi disk. Catches were confined to the Malling shore on dries at the weekend with some folk in the 20s on dries (Donnie MacBeth and Douglas Fairbairn) but it was overall slightly harder this week with bright and breezy conditions prevailing. Catches at the time of writing are on the up though with reports of good fishing and that the fish are moving into the shallower areas of Sandy Bay, Reedy Point and Bay , Roadshore and the Butts but the best baskets still are coming from the Malling end, often close in and on dries. Things should further improve as of today (my wedding anniversary and Bastille Day) as 667 fish were stocked all round the lake. this week marks the return to usual stocking pattern at the Lake. We put in a very large stocking in early April which has been the mainstay until now (with some smaller additional weekly stockings). Grant Gibson from the Borders caught this large Brownie yesterday and him and Jake Harvey had great sport on dries.

The Callander approach is closed 24/7 for the next three weeks as they are making a new entrance to the housing estate just past the the School. You will need to go via Doune. On the way home there have been reports of hold ups on the bridge at Dobbies which has traffic lights.

We plan to have a new one stop booking and payment portal up and running next week. We will be moving your vouchers on to a new system and you will receive notification. Tight lines and enjoy the lack of heat.