Events/Competitions 2022

Winter Fishing

26th/27th Feb 12th Pike anglers Alliance Scotland All Boats

12th/13th March Pike Angling Club All boats

No fishing 14th to 18th March during restocking.

19th March Opening day – email to get in ballot for opening day boat, pie, refreshment and some pipe tunes..

19th April  SANACC National Championship Heats 

23rd April Scierra Pairs

28th April SANACC National Championship Heats 

29th April PAAS  members Evening Lure event 

2st May Short Evening Fishing Commences

6th May PAAS  members Evening Lure event

11th May  FARIO FLY Evening Boat League Commences (Friendly Weekly Comp apply to the fishery to join).

14th May Scottish Club Championship Saturday Evening Heats Commence (non competitor boats available in evening) Last heat on 17th July. 

16th May Main Evening fishing commences

19th May Scottish  Police (Poileas) National (non competitor boats available in evening)

20th May SANACC National Championship Heats  Heat 30 boats / Phoenix 8 boats (non competitor boats available in evening)

23rd to 26th May Ladies International (some non competitor boats available)

29th May Scottish Open Championship Heat (non competitor boats also available)

7th to 9th June PSUK All boats (non competitor boats available in evening)

15th June Airflo International Official Practice Day/Evening

16th June Airflo International Day and Evening

21st June SANACC National Championship Semi Final

24th June SANACC National Championship Semi Final

27th to 29th June SDFFA 2022 Home International (non competitor boats available)

1st Aug Short Evening Fishing Commences

12th August Scottish Club Championship Semi Final Day

13th Aug Brian Quinns Youth Fundraiser Championship Semi Final

17th Aug FARO Boat League Final Night

19th Aug Last Night of Evening Fishing

19th Aug Scottish Club Championship Semi Final Day

28th Aug Ladies National (non competitor boats available)

3rd Sept  Scottish Open Championships 

11th Sept Youth National

15th/16th Sept National Final SANACC Practice Days

17th Sept National Championship Final

22nd Sept Practice Day Scottish Club Championships

23rd Sept  Scottish Club Championships Final

Oct 7th Champions of Champions SCC Event

Oct 17th to 21st British Police versus Combined Armed Services

Oct 29th Rothes Oak Charity Match 

Oct 30th Kirk and School Fundraiser

October 31st Stocking finishes for the season – start of winter season.

Nov 5th/6th PAAS members Pike Fishing ?? tbc

Nov 19/20th PAC members Pike Fishing ?? tbc