Doldrums at the Lake

Fair Doldrums at the Lake

6ft Water Temperature 20C Clarity 2.3m

The current water temperature is 20C at 6ft and 2.3m clarity. The very hot weather seems to have cleared the algae a bit which is confusing but an effect we see quite often in mid-summer.  Had thought maybe they had used all the nutrients up in the surface layers or that the amount of CO2 present in the water is limiting at high temperatures ….but this wouldnt cause them to disappear. Time to get the “Limnology” book off the shelf.  A quick leaf through the book finds the suprising information that planktonic algae are intolerant to high UV exposure that can take place in northern latitudes during mid summer……..

The water temperature is still high and consequently we are still advising fly pike anglers to “hod off” until temperatures reduce a little more. We will post up when the situation improves.

The fishery is typically a little quiet during fair fortnight when fishing often has to take a back seat in the big scheme . Best trout bags have been over the deep water and it has not  been the easiest of weeks. However if the temperature stays high more fish will congregate in the deep water or if it cools they will rise up in the water column. Was wondering how I would manage a positive spin :). We are continuing to throw in the fish. 800 last week and 1000 scheduled for this week (500 went in today). Folks have been plumbing the depths with di7 lines getting to 35ft with all sorts of paraphernalia including snakes, buzzers, blobs, diawls – has anyone tried a bung? Tyler Hay was top  rod in the Scottish Club Championships with 11 fish…Some folks have been persevering with dries and doing not too badly around the Islands, Malling Shore and Arnmach – depending on the wind direction. Great photo by Callum Robertson of Jim Twaddle in “deep concentration” playing a trout that has just become air borne.

The free boat draw for June (open only to those that fill out a catch return and also includes those fishing catch and release) was won by Penicuik AC (contact the fishery for a voucher).

Those of you who have qualified for the National Final should be aware that the fishery has reserved Thursday 16th and Friday 17th September for the the competitors – so dont worry that the practice days are fully booked.. If you wish a practice boat please email and detail whether you want to practice both days and whether or not you will be practising with another qualifier. Please also supply a mobile number. Nearer the time we will advertise any remaining boats so practicioners can apply for a whole boat to themselves.

We were all shocked to hear about the recent passing of Anne Boyce. Pictured below on the left with Winora at an International Dinner.

It seems callous to post up the poster I was given by Dione before I heard the news..but Anne would have wanted the Ladies National to be well supported. If you are female and like your trouting and fancy a shot at qualifying for the Ladies National Team to fish against England, Wales and Ireland. Read on….