Covid compliant competitions commencing at the Lake again……..

Clarity 2.7m 6ft Water Temperature 12.5C

I have spoken to the Police today and they have confirmed that the travel restictions for people within a tier 3 (i.e. Glasgow or Moray) travelling to a lower tier are guidance and not enforceable by law. As before with guidance advice we will be asking the anglers to follow government advice but we will not be attempting to police the government guidance.

Competition season is now under way at the Lake and it was disappointing to hear from Anglian Water that they are cancelling the competition for the second year in a row. One option might be for those who were planning to take part is to pool some Kitty money and have a one off competition at the Lake, or  alternatively cancel the booked practice and competition boats. Happy to help organise a re-arranged Menteith type event or cancel your boats. Let us know!!!!

The Scottish Club Championship first heat kicks off at the Lake this Saturday evening 22nd May. Participating clubs and further advice can be found at 

The first heat of the SCOTTISH FLY FISHING CHAMPIONSHIPS took place on Sunday 16th May in very bright and calm conditions. Top bag was Tyler Hay with a great catch of 18 trout  Heat 1.  196 fish were caught by 36 anglers giving a rod average of 5.44. Top 18 qualified. The top ten rods were : 1st Tyler Hay 18 Fish, 2nd Joseph Wood 14 Fish, 3rd Scott McGregor 12 Fish, 4th Gregor Fleming 12 Fish, 5th Scott Aitken 10 Fish, 6th Andrew Mcadam 10 Fish, 7th Chris Tamburinni 10 Fish, 8th Zak keil 9 Fish, 9th Chris Davidson 8 Fish, 10th Barry Robertson 8 Fish. Tyler said “Myself and Barry Roberston had the 1 practice day and found the fish hard on buzzer. Main areas we found were Lochend down to Todd’s, Shear point and the Rookery. Straight lining buzzers worked well on practice day but a Fario biscuit on the point on comp day seamed to help the catch rate. Big thanks as always to Fario Fly for the great flies especially having the comp flies in the de barbed range making life a lot easier.

The FARIO FLY Boat League kicked off last Wednesday and the 22 contestants netted 56 trout. Craig Inglis was head and shoulders clear of the pack with 13 on a cortland blue line and red head damsel…..

As Tyler said the fish have been hard on the buzzer but on occasion very tricky. There also is a fair amount of daphnia about (see below). The answer when the fish are everywhere but not showing interest in your buzzer can often be a fast stripped lure. Below thanks to Roddy for his pictures of Alan and Keith (and himself with some fine fish). Further down pictures of Gary Hamilton and Peter Batchelor who had a good day out netting 33, 25 on the collared buzzer. Jim said the secret was Frank’s line “Where’s ra Burdz.” All areas have fished well this week but the Tod Hole area deserves a special mention.

Bottom Picture is Colin Riach with his electric tiller extension….