Chilly for July

Cold nights and cooler days has kept the fish high in the water and dry fly remains the best tactic – accounting for some high number catches (Gus and Andy with 40+ on dries….). Best areas have been in the shelter..Butts, Malling Shore, Tod Hole, Arnmach…. Traditionally this is our quiet week as everyone buzzes off abroad but with the current situations we weren’t sure what to expect. We are still relatively quiet. We have got new Fario Fly stock in and we are open for fly sales again!! Mr.Fario is supplying the boat league Heat Prizes (as pictured below).

A few stories from the anglers to set the scene.

My son David Cruikshank (Scottish Youth Team Captain) and I were out on Sat on the Lake. We landed 25 to the boat. I was given a good thumping as I lost 18-7! All fish came to dries. We had 4 to the boat in first 20 mins in the middle of the East Basin. Then went off. Tried Rookery and cages and landed 1. Then headed to The Butts where the rest were landed. Not many coming up blind. You mainly had to cast to a rising fish and they were out in the more open water. Rises were quite small as fish seemed to be “supping” in the surface gently.

George Murdoch made a wee video on first visit. Thanks for sharing George!

Stuart Malcolmson was out recently instructing on methods for collecting CDC

Thanks for these two photos Dan….fine looking troots.