17th Aug 2021: Water temperature at 6ft is 17.5C and Dries for Trooters and Flyfishing for Pike back on the menu

Water temperature at 6ft is 17.5C and Dries for Trooters and Fly Fishing for Pike are back on the menu

Clarity is 2.1m on the secchi disk.

The cooler weather has quickly normalised water temperatures at the Lake and some of the best catches I spoke to on Monday 16th were taking the fish on dries in Gateside Bay and at the Malling shore. One boat had 28 fish but as they were practising for a competition today (The Famous Glasgow Interclubs) – we didnt ask them what on. Jimmy Millar had 11 on small dries and Colin Clarks boat had was in double figures on daddies – both thee boats were in Gateside Bay.

The Lake received 413 fish yesterday with another stocking due tomorrow. Historically as the fish come up in the water column, catches have tended to go off the scale – for a while. Here’s hoping. It has not been a good year so far due to the pandemic and the extreme heat in July led to a big drop in angler numbers at the Lake during that month.

The Ospreys are still here but I can see no swallows or martins from my window. Apparently we now have 1 cormorant in residence. Evening fishing is now finished for the year (apart from the night of the boat leaggue final – see below). The covids  situation is easing but masks are still required at the permit office (unless you are also drinking or dancing).

There are Tench in the Lake and there presence has been known for many decades (apparently) but it is not known when they were introduced. IWe only became aware of their presence about 15 years ago when one was found washed against the grid. Quite unusual to catch them on the fly though, and Alan Gilbert became a member of the Menteith Tench Club on Friday when he netted this fine individual – which took a cormorant.

The Scottish Club Championship moved to the semi final stage on Friday 13th August and the anglers were faced with a strong sw wind and rain for most of the day. 21 of the scheduled 22 teams took part with the top 11 going through to the final.  Top team was Alba Cats  “B” represented by  Greig Davie (8 fish), Mark Fleming (5 fish) and James Kerr (12 fish) (pictured L to R below).  Each member of the team received a box of flies provided by sponsors My Fishing Flies. Photo and information curtesy of  the SANACC  . The 63 anglers caught 298 fish giving a catch average of 4.7 fish.  The second Semi is this Friday (20th Aug).

The Final of the Menteith Fario Boat League is tomorrow night (Wednesday 18th and we will be providing an after match buffet to keep you happy while Douglas works out the scoring and for during the prize giving.

The end of night fishing draws near…..

Water Temperature at 6ft 21C and Secchi disk clarity 2.2m

Most of the catches this week have again been in the Gateside Deeps and dry fly expert Brian MacKenzie demonstrated that he can also plumb the depths with a di7 when he won the Youth Fundraising Final with an amazing 26 fish and collected £600 for first prize.  He caught more than twice the number of his nearest challenger Brian Kennedy who had 12 fish and took home £300. Well done to Brian Quinn for organising it all! Below MacKenzie on left and Quinn on right.

Winner of the free boat would have been someone with initials C.S. but despite being a very good customer he didnt put in his catch returns in on the 10th July so we tossed a coin to go up or down and the next person with a completed catch return was Alan MacLachlan.

Still too hot for fly pike fishing but lots of reports of midge tips and sinks tips taking fish today. We were down to 8C last night…..We are now on 10 oclock finishes with evening fishing ceasing for the year on 15th August.

Way on down at the Lake.

The heatwave has tightened its grip in the last week with the 6ft water temperature reaching 23.5C yesterday. Overnight it dropped to 22.5 at 2m but the warm water is extending some way down (22C at 4m). In the last 7 days we have seen folk cracking the deepwater fishing technique with a few boats netting in the high twenties and one over 30 fish. hi density 7/8 types and hi density 40 plus or booby basher lines have featured in beach discussions – amongst others. However fast sinking lines are very difficult to come by. We have fast sink polyleaders available in the permit office.

Jim Crawford was out on Saturday 24th. The following is from his facebook page. “Fantastic days fishing yesterday on The Lake of Mentieth, cloud cover till 2pm then clear blue skies and red hot. Straight lining buzzers on the new Airflo supaflo Anchor Tip fly line with the fish being very very deep. Still experimenting with this line but 100% a game changer to give you a totally new method of presenting flies deep on the hang. I finished with 25 in the net including the big brownie and some proper belters of rainbows.” Thanks Jim.  Jim is pictured with the decent brown and fishfinder image was supplied by Scott aitken. Showing the fish lying at around 40ft in 73 ft of water.

If anything the fishing has been easier during the day than in the evening; Alan Porteous of  Frozen North AC (a) who was top rod in the lastest scottish clubs heat with 8 fish, was thinking that the harder night fishing may be linked to poorer light at depth – or is it a function of the peak temperature being reached early evening before the slightly cooler night sets in. Top team on the night was Costa Ecosse with alan McLachlan, John Buchanan and Dave Mateer. In 2nd, 3rd and 4rth place were Frozen north A team, Frozen North B team and Priory AC A team. Individuals going through to the Champion of Champions in order of catch were Alan Porteous, Allan McLachlan, John Buchanan, Kevin Porteous, Paul Clarke and James Bews.

“Nice weather for bobbing about though…..”

Water temperatures at the Lake remain high 21C at 6ft. So bring your high D lines if you have them – as “the method” is to fish buzzers at 30 ft in the North Inchmahome deep area. Having said that we had a visitor on sunday who had hoped to fly pike fish but had brought his trout gear as he had heard it was too warm for pike angling (he is still right). He pulled boobies on a floater (at speed) and netted 25 bows (and one small jack). If fish are to be seen, it has been generally in the Tod Hole area. Torrential rain last night might make the Portend burnmouth worth a try. Normally after a sustained heat wave we find a huge congregation of fish in the North Island Deeps and it is not too difficult if you are prepared for the tactics but occasionally the fish can go deep elsewhere – notably on the road shore deeps. Might be worth having a wee explore. Many folk are fishing bouyant fles at depth as they are good attractors and move well but arent really that well connected to the anglers and the result is a lot of bumps and knocks but not many hook ups.

So the recommendation is to fish a fab on the point with heavy bright buzzers on the droppers (best fly in the Scottish Clubs was a Dennis the Menace buzzer fished by Neil Cockburn).

Gary Hamilton was up recently and kindly left a bottle of Highland Park for the Memory of Geordie Broon. If you would like to raise your glass in memory the bottle is in the shop (ask the staff). A very pleasant dram Gary.

Sandy Robertson of Cupar AC. Left us this week. Our condolences to his many friends and family. Sandy is pictured on the right here after a Scotsh Clubs Heat with son Sandy jnr on the left. This is from May 2013. Sandy  qualified for the champion of champions with his catch of 9 trout but son Sandy was top rod with 16.



Stewart Marshal with a fine deeps brown and Trevor Gibson with fine bow also from the deeps but the reported depth (65ft) was controversial 🙂 . Think the line must have been going sideyways?



21 C at 1metre, 21 C at 2metres and 19C at 3 metres


21 C at 1metre, 21 C at 2metres and 19C at 3 metres. Secchi Disk 2m

Aye well it is that time of the year when the fish sink and slowly migrate to the deep areas and they can be a little difficult to catch until the deep congregations are found.  There were good bags taken on the dry fly at the Malling shore where the westerlies were bringing the cooler water to the surface and there are cooler springs. Equally as effective has been using higher density lines and lures, or the deep fished buzzer in the deeper water of Gateside Bay and at Malling.

Fly fishing for pike is now been strongly discouraged from until cooler temperatures return. We will do a more indepth temperature model tomorrow as there could be some areas where water temperature is acceptable. If in doubt wait till it gets cooler before going after the big girls…Today we measured the temperature (using a calibrated thermometer) off Shear Point and in Gateside Bay.

Big thank you to the Menteith Ospreys for promoting the Lake with their name and congratulations to them on winning what Anglian Water called “the biggest UK Fly Fishing Event of the Year” – the Airflo Invitational. The Menteith Ospreys (R.Gilbert, D.Pozzi, P.Auchterlonie, M. Low of Fario flies, W.Simpson and Derek Purves) are the only team to win the Anglian Water International and the Airflo Invitational – back to back.

Was down south for a wee break recently and took the opportunity to drop into Grafham and have a chat with the staff there about facillities and with Jim Coulam about the latest developments with fishing boats and pontoons. Whilst looking round Ripon Cathedral I noticed this fine epitaph for a Bryan Tunstall.

Below a fine looking resident bow taken on a the dry by Jimmy Millar.

STOP PRESS. Hard day at the Lake today and information is scare as there is another SANACC heat on thursday. 7  fish was the top bag (Alan Brock)…..One fish to qualify……


Snappy time at the Lake

Clarity has improved with more cloudy days and loads of wind. Havent got the exact data (we forgot) but the surface temperature at the boats is reading 15.3C so this bodes well for summer fishing.

Had quite a few complaints about anglers getting broken unexpectedly and bad batches of nylon on the go – and matches lost :(. It appears we have a culprit this time. I tested some of this stuff in the shop and it is very very weak and has been taken off display.  I contacted airflo today and got this reply from Colin Thomas. “We have been quite open about there being a bad “mislabelled batch and will replace any fluoro for customers that have had issues.”

Well done airflo for fessing up and the good branded G3 will still be my tippet of choice. It is just the above branding type that has the problems apparently – white with light blue quarter. The differently branded 8lb G3 is as the label says……

The Lake is looking at is best in its summer finery these days. Make hay while the sun shines. The herons are busy upsetting the anglers by beasting into all sorts of chicks.  On the upside I did see a heron tucking into some poor wee merganser chicks…Inside but not in a good way….:). Look out for feeding mergansers if you are pike fishing, swallows and martins  if you are after trout.

Some good pike have been landed on the fly recently with Rob Fusco having tremendous sport last night. He told me the wind is good because it brings the bait fish to the surface…He had 48 jacks and biggest to the boat was 12lbs, although he lost two estimated to be in the 20lb range. Wind is also good because you cover more water, are harder to see and it helps cast those big mother of all flies.

The cormorant youth club chase is going well with Angus Robertson in the lead and the rest of the pack grouped in the middle according to angling coach Alisdair Mair.

It was hard going at the weekend but the return to cooler cloudier weather has improved the fishing markedly with very good sport again to be had on the dries at the Malling Shore and to a lesser extend Tod Hole, Sandy Bay and Gateside Bay.. However as they say a “A week is a long time at the Lake ………….and techniques and hotspot areas can change”. Stocking this week will be on Wednesday and thurs or Friday. Todays catches were a bit mixed with some good catches and some rating it hard…..

Top team in the Club champioships was Saltire FF represented by Coiln McDonald, Alan Gilbert and Peter Edge. They landed a total of 23 fish for a weight of 48lbs 12.6 ozs. Also going through to the semi-final are East Kilbride AC “B”, Dunfermline Railway AC “A” and Aberdour AA “A”.
Top rod on the night was Jim Hay of Dunfermline Railway AC “A” who landed 11 fish for a total weight of 22lbs, 6.4ozs.  Craig Inglis won the boat league heat again (14 fish) pulling his damsel. It was the best catch night so far this season for the BL with a rod average of 4.7 fish. In the Scottish Open Fly Fishing Championships heat on Sunday the top 3 anglers (Jake Gilchrist, Martin Mccafferty and Peter Auchterlonie) all had 9 fish in very warm, bright and windy conditions, 20 anglers progressed.
Gary Hamilton had a fine day on the dries last Thursday and his catch included this bute. As he says “Power to your elbow”.







Summer arrives at the Lake and the dry fly fishing is the business.

A blast of sunshine has reduced the clarity at the Lake to 2m and raised the water temperature at 6ft to 17C. Fishing on the dries (mayfly patterns, yellow owl types) has been phenominal but Monday was tricky with the strong heat and brightness.  As always there was some who did well.

Paul Tatner from Derby is up for a few days and he found Monday hard going with 2 fish. His nephew Curtis (pictured left) – at the other end of the boat was having a different kind of day with 11 trout on a floating line; goldhead damsel on the point, cormant in the middle and a big red diawl bach on the bob. Most of the fish were caught on the db. Today with cloud cover it was a different story and the catches were back to being phenominal with 3 individuals quoting 20 plus trout to their rods – all the sport being at the Malling shore and all on dries.  Perhaps a good time to try the dapping (had one on the dap myself last night -but not too the boat). Often when the water colours up a bit the dry fly fishing improves….

Staying with the phenominal word,  Pike angler Pinky Fleming had a 33lb monster pike on a Wullie Munn Perch Pattern last Friday. This still taken from his video (see the Lakes FB page).


Great action shot from Colin Riach (below) who has been doing well on Mayfly imitations (his paraloop spinner below).

Winner of the Month of May free boat draw (drawn from those that have COMPLETED THEIR CATCH RETURNS INCLUDING RELEASED FISH) goes to Euan MacDougall from Gargunnock.


ALTERNATIVE ANGLIAN WATER EVENT FOR INDIVIDUALS is taking place on Thursday 3rd June. We have some prizes. The competition will be fished with a randomised boat partner, to Lake rules and all catch and release (you can always opt to take fish). In the event of a tie, the time of the capture of the first fish will betaken into account. If you wish to take part there are spaces available please phone the fishery 01877385664 or email manager@menteith-fisheries.co.uk to register. Cost of entry including your fishing is £25.50 for catch and release.

Covid compliant competitions commencing at the Lake again……..

Clarity 2.7m 6ft Water Temperature 12.5C

I have spoken to the Police today and they have confirmed that the travel restictions for people within a tier 3 (i.e. Glasgow or Moray) travelling to a lower tier are guidance and not enforceable by law. As before with guidance advice we will be asking the anglers to follow government advice but we will not be attempting to police the government guidance.

Competition season is now under way at the Lake and it was disappointing to hear from Anglian Water that they are cancelling the competition for the second year in a row. One option might be for those who were planning to take part is to pool some Kitty money and have a one off competition at the Lake, or  alternatively cancel the booked practice and competition boats. Happy to help organise a re-arranged Menteith type event or cancel your boats. Let us know!!!!

The Scottish Club Championship first heat kicks off at the Lake this Saturday evening 22nd May. Participating clubs and further advice can be found at  http://www.sanacc.org.uk/2021-scottish-club-championship.html 

The first heat of the SCOTTISH FLY FISHING CHAMPIONSHIPS took place on Sunday 16th May in very bright and calm conditions. Top bag was Tyler Hay with a great catch of 18 trout  Heat 1.  196 fish were caught by 36 anglers giving a rod average of 5.44. Top 18 qualified. The top ten rods were : 1st Tyler Hay 18 Fish, 2nd Joseph Wood 14 Fish, 3rd Scott McGregor 12 Fish, 4th Gregor Fleming 12 Fish, 5th Scott Aitken 10 Fish, 6th Andrew Mcadam 10 Fish, 7th Chris Tamburinni 10 Fish, 8th Zak keil 9 Fish, 9th Chris Davidson 8 Fish, 10th Barry Robertson 8 Fish. Tyler said “Myself and Barry Roberston had the 1 practice day and found the fish hard on buzzer. Main areas we found were Lochend down to Todd’s, Shear point and the Rookery. Straight lining buzzers worked well on practice day but a Fario biscuit on the point on comp day seamed to help the catch rate. Big thanks as always to Fario Fly for the great flies especially having the comp flies in the de barbed range making life a lot easier.

The FARIO FLY Boat League kicked off last Wednesday and the 22 contestants netted 56 trout. Craig Inglis was head and shoulders clear of the pack with 13 on a cortland blue line and red head damsel…..

As Tyler said the fish have been hard on the buzzer but on occasion very tricky. There also is a fair amount of daphnia about (see below). The answer when the fish are everywhere but not showing interest in your buzzer can often be a fast stripped lure. Below thanks to Roddy for his pictures of Alan and Keith (and himself with some fine fish). Further down pictures of Gary Hamilton and Peter Batchelor who had a good day out netting 33, 25 on the collared buzzer. Jim said the secret was Frank’s line “Where’s ra Burdz.” All areas have fished well this week but the Tod Hole area deserves a special mention.

Bottom Picture is Colin Riach with his electric tiller extension….