Wee Update

It should have been ph4 that might be regarded as within the locality not ph14. Need to polish my glasses.

Also we are allowing two in a boat for the wheelie boats when required subject to the guidelines.

When we see how things go after the first opening days – we will review all the covid measures.

Further Booking Advice re Phase 1 issued 24/05/20

Dear All,

The fishery would like to issue some further advice. We like, everyone else, have found it difficult to categorise what areas are local to us in terms of miles, especially when taking into consideration our rural position (as per First Minister comments). It was clear that the advice from government was being interpreted in different ways by different anglers, and that this might lead to problems and unfairness. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all those who gave publicly their advice and honest opinion about their intentions. Without this the fishery might have found itself in a difficult situation, with a divided customer community and with possible delay to our unlocking process.

After viewing opinion over the weekend on facebook, and receiving numerous messages and phone calls, and after discussion within the company, we thought we could at least state what in our opinion definitely isn’t local.

We decided that we could categorise within 20 miles as possibly local and beyond definitely not. We drew a circle with a 20 mile radius and incorporated any postcode areas within and on the circumference. These post code areas are listed below. If your home address is within these postcodes you have a decision to make based on the government advice re Phase 1 and the hopefully unlocking of fishing on or for Thursday 28th May, and whether your journey could be described as local. If you are not in these areas,  you should not book a boat for the period stated below or until contrary advice is issued by the fishery or government. If you have a boat booked from the period 28th May until the Friday 5th June (inclusive) and are out with these areas please email bookingonline@menteith-fisheries.co.uk with your booking cancellation as soon as possible. Tomorrow I will email all individual bookings who have booked in this opening period, concerning the above advice.

Please note we will also only be making single angler boats available unless you are from the same household during the above period. The other exception is for wheelie boat users where 2 anglers may fish when assistance is required and where social distancing and government guidelines can be adhered to.

We will update this advice as soon as required or if further government instruction is available.

Best Regards and safe travels on the route map.

Quint Glen (mgr)


If you are planning to visit the Lake of Menteith to fish and subject to confirmation by the government that we will move to Phase 1 of the routemap out of this crisis – The Lake of Menteith Fisheries will issue this statement to all anglers who book or have booked a boat at the Lake. It will also be posted on our website as advice for anglers considering a visit.

We are emailing you today to inform you of the measures we will have in place concerning your booking at the Lake of Menteith on x date for x number of boats.

Firstly, please ensure that you are aware of the government’s advice re ONLY LOCAL TRAVEL when planning your recreation. WE ASK ANGLERS TO INTERPRET THESE GUIDELINES RESPONSIBLY SO AS NOT TO JEOPARDISE THE SAFE RETURN OF FISHING AT THE LAKE.

In the initial few days of our opening and for your visit, we plan to ONLY ALLOW SINGLE ANGLER BOATS (UNLESS FROM THE SAME HOUSEHOLD) and then when we have more confidence we plan to expand this in the near future to allow two anglers per boat observing social distancing and hygiene practices. There will be no weigh in (please email catch returns) and the café or permit office will not be open. Your boat number will be on display at the fishery and we ask you to commence your 8 hour fishing between 9am and 10.30am and finish accordingly between 4.30pm and 5.30pm and to minimise your time at the shore base.


Now that we are all aware of the government advice and how the fishery plans to manage the risk, you may feel that you require to cancel or reduce your bookings. If this is required please let me know by replying to this email/emailing as soon as possible (bookingonline@menteith-fisheries.co.uk).
If you need to increase your booking just go to the online booking page link below and book additional boats in the same name.
Once you are confident of your booking requirement (i.e.
during the preceding day/s) please pay at
When paying please quote the booking number and use your booking name on the payment as this will help us to cross reference.
We plan to disinfect all equipment between anglers. We will have hand gel available but please bring your own supplies and preferably your own lifejacket – although disinfected ones will be available.

If you have any questions please phone the fishery on 01877 385664 (office hours) or email bookingonline@menteith-fisheries.co.uk.

Tight Lines!

Quint Glen (mgr)
Lake Management

Be Aware 19th May

Will be in touch soon re plans for opening hopefully sometime between the 30th May and 1st June but – we need to hear a little more from the government.

In the mean time do not open any links in emails from Elma’s AOL account which is no longer used by the fishery. I suspect Malware and have asked her son to look into it initially as I shouldnt visit.

Coincidentally I have playing about with the data base with the intention of deleting past records. Unfortunately I forgot to turn off automatic emailing of customers so I think I have sent out about 40 emails saying your fishing was cancelled last year. Please ignore them!! Sorry my error – no virus involved. Quint

April 27th Deepest Lockdown

Water Temp at 6ft 11C (need to check that thermometer) and Secchi disk 2.2m

If you listen carefully (turn up the volume) you can hear the wood pecker just after the pheasant or maybe I just imagined that at the time LOL.


Why do the Dutch wear clogs?
To keep the woodpeckers off their heads.

Hopefully there are some hints of unlocking in the not too distant future.

17th April Update

Lake of Menteith 17th April 2020


Water Temperature at 6ft 7C; Secchi disk Clarity 1.9m

Just a wee report to say hello to you all and pass on all our best wishes during these difficult times. We are relatively lucky here in the Port – it is rare to meet anyone unless they are visiting anglers. My thoughts are especially with those deemed at high risk and those in the towns and cities in built up areas. It is providing quality access to the outdoors for these groups that is usually one of the most rewarding parts of the job.
I have refrained from posting till now – as I didn’t want to rub salt in the wounds. It now seems right to be in touch.

It was our shortest season on record. We opened on Saturday 21st March and closed the next day on Sunday the 22nd March just prior to total lockdown announced on the 23rd March. Needless to say, there were some fine specimens/meals in the catches (below).

All the staff, Douglas Connor and Elma are currently on furlough – apart from myself, albeit on reduced hours – or that is the plan . I have been kept very busy, as there has been, and still is, much to be done. First off was reducing the stocking density in the ponds and this involved the netting of around 24000 fish. 8000 went straight into the Lake at Gateside, and the rest were redistributed to the pens and the cleared ponds to allow us to reduce density which reduces aggression (fin nipping) and also allows us to reduce feeding and growth – so we will have some available to stock for later on (some perhaps even for next year), when we get the all clear to reopen.
The ospreys are back, the woodpeckers are drumming and the willow is about to bloom. It has been driest and sunniest four weeks and I can remember. Burns are a trickle and loch level is low. Our stocking rate is more than double normal and with no anglers it is not surprising that when conditions are good the number of fish on the surface and the buzzers – are a sight for sore eyes (this rising picture from Thursday 16th March). The cormorants left us early this spring and this was partly due to our intensive scaring tactics that we employed over the winter. Last week I counted 4 birds on one occasion, 12 birds a few days later.

I went up the Craig o’ Port on Monday and thought this might be a fitting glimpse of the Lake to share. This most perfect specimen of a Rowan tree is clearly seen from the Lake – on the skyline behind Douglas’s house.
I have a few more fish to move and I have to clear out all the cancelled competitions (National Championship, Scottish club Championships, Disabled National and International, Ladies International, Anglian Water and many more……) from the online diary, to allow the spaces to be filled by the optimistic. Please get in touch if you want to try to re-arrange for later in the year or look in the booking diary from Wednesday of next week.
As to the future, I was speaking on the phone to the Chairman Alan Simpson this morning and we discussed how this might be a good time to review our whole operation to see how we can come out of this crisis equipped to go forward as a top class venue that is able to withstand the challenges of the future.

Unusual to be using the I word.
Regards and keep safe and well.


2020 Pre-season Opening posted 19/3/20

Lake of Menteith  19th March 2020

Water Temperature Cold;  Secchi disk Clarity Good

Hope you all have had a good close season and are raring to go assuming we don’t get put under some sort of curfew. There is an excellent forecast for our opening weekend and some even better fish to be caught.

The Lake has now been stocked with some cracking trout, the majority of which averaged around 3lbs plus there are the overwintered ones which we have been working hard to protect (i.e. scaring off the cormorants). If there is no drastic change in government(s) plans then we will be opening on Saturday 21st March but there will be a few changes in place to stop people gathering together in our sport which luckily is naturally centred around the concept of social distancing, and getting quality free range food for the table.

Please heed government advice about social distancing and try not to get drawn in to close conversation, wash hands etc….

  • Payment before you come if possible
  1. This can be done online at our website by purchasing vouchers. We have waived the online charge and if you can purchase the required combination of vouchers to cover your boat costs on the particular day. Please print out the voucher and post it in our permit office box on the day of use or if you don’t have a printer we can take a photo.
  2. Phone on a week-day (office hours) prior to your visit and pay by card.
  3. On the day have the correct money or cheque in an envelope with your name and post it in our box at the permit office.
  4. We will still accept cash, card or cheque payment on the day IF YOU HAVE NO OTHER OPTION.
  • Boats will not go out at a single start time (i.e. 9.30am) but once you have registered with a boatman and ben given a boat number you will be able to leave anytime between 8.45 and 9.45 (Mon to Sat) and between 11.30 and 12.30 on a Sunday. Just come in 8hrs after you register (or 7 hrs on a Sunday).
  • The Café and the tackle shop are closed.
  • There will be no weigh in. Please inform the boatman of your catch number and estimated weight of fish killed. If no one is about to record your catch please text your results to the number on the counter.
  • The opening Ceremony has been cancelled but there will be distant pipes.
  • We will be carrying out extra cleaning – including boat touch points at the end of sessions.

  • Our toilet facilities are minimal touch (we will jam the room door open) and extra hand gel will be available in addition to soap, warm water and dryers. LIFE JACKETS WILL BE DISINFECTED BETWEEN USERS.

Some pictures of our stockies (sorry about yours truly) going in  – and our numerically out of order boats – to whet your appetite.

ps Stirling efforts by Douglas and Connor to get the place ready. Elma is having a wee holiday till things calm down.

Corona Virus Latest Company Plans 17/3/20 at 16.50hrs

We expect all customers to observe government advice re social distancing and self isolation at home if symptoms are suspected or present.

We plan to be open for fishing as of Saturday 21/3/20. We will be implementing a few changes to further increase social distancing. Current proposals are to make payment by phone or online (otherwise correct money in envelope with name). Our tackle/permit shop and cafe will be closed.

If you need to use our facilities; driers and taps can all be elbow operated and doors to toilets rooms (not cubicles) will be jammed open. Any possible touch points will be regularly disinfected and boats and engines will be disinfected between customers.

There will be no opening ceremony or food, and launch times for 8 hour sessions will be anytime between 8.45 and 9.45 to avoid congregations of anglers. Catch returns will be by text or email and boats allocation will be printed and posted in several places at the fishery.

Plans are subject to further government advice/clarification on a daily basis.

Corona Virus Plans 16/3/20

We plan to be open for fishing as of Saturday 21/3/20. We will be implementing a few changes to further increase social distancing. Current proposals are to make payment by phone or online (otherwise correct money in envelope with name), boats allocated online, closing our cafe facilities and increased cleaning/disinfection. The measures we take and how we implement them (in detail) will be confirmed after tonight’s (16/3/20) company meeting.