Cast a cleut? 11th May 2021

Water Temperature at 6ft 10.5 Secchi disk Clarity 3m. With the weather finally turning a bit reliably milder  and the buzzer fishing taking off, May is a good month at Menteith. Stephen McLean from Stirling sent in this sundowner photo last week. They had 8 fish that evening and lost a similar amount but to quote them, “with evenings like this and the  beautiful scenery, catching a fish is a bonus. There has been a big hatch of daphnia over the last few days and this can make the fish tricky but surprisingly enough I am able to report some good catches :)…. Yesterdays good catches were in the Tod Hole area: 19 fish for Bob McLean and 15 for Brian Clifton (both fishing with the Scottish Police Recreation Association). Paul and Irene Clarke had 17 to the boat. The best catches were all on buzzers hung below a bung. Notably our lure exponents have not been doing so well. This week stocking will be Wednesday and Thurs or Friday. Guide/Instructor John Milne (pictured below) was out with Ian Carlisle and netted 24 fish by straight lining buzzers – he found targeting the moving fish was often pointless and had most success fishing blind in Hotel Bay, Coille Don or Rookery and the Malling Shore. Happy Hugging.