As the leaguers enjoyed  their burgers and cake last night there was no surprises that Brian MacKenzie was announced this year’s FARIO LEAGUE CHAMPION. His exceptional run of 5 first places in the league in June has to be one of the more remarkable Loch Fly Fishing achievements.  Not only did it give him an incredibily strong lead in the early stages of the competition but it also undermined the confidence of the rest of the pack! Engineer Brian from Glasgow is team captain for the Scots in this years Home International in Wales and this will be his fifth League Title at Menteith. As folks will know, Brian’s strong suit is his dry fly fishing, and his advice never changes; “stay away from the pack if you can – and look for feeding fish”. The total prize money for this year (£824) was made up of anglers registration (66%) and Lake Sponship (33%) and  the competitors have always been keen to give a decent donation from the pot to the chosen charity of the winner. This year MND Scotland will be receiving £413 from the Boat League.  The other 50% was paid out in prize Money with Brian receiving £247. In second Place was Andy Kemp and third place was Stewart Inglis.  The rod average for the competition was 3.6 fish.

Huge thanks to FARIO FLIES WHO DONATED  £600 worth of FLIES as heat and final prizes (Brian will collect 100 flies) . The Lake for donating £534 worth of free fishing as prizes/for charity and to Brian and the Lake for providing the final nights grub. The Final Heat was won by Craig Inglis who was top bag with 5 fish on a hard night.

Let us know if you would like to take part in next years boat league – its a great place for keen newbies to pick up skills and  angling friends. If members wish to make any changes for 2023 they need to submit a proposal that is seconded by two other members.