Fishing at the Lake in the year 2020 sounds less like science fiction these days. Here is the plan for Booking for 2020

Clubs (2 boats or more on an outing).

Drop us an email ( as soon as possible and we will confirm hopefully by the end of November. If you are a club but don’t choose your dates till later,  we will allocate a similar day and number of boats as you had this year, and these boats will be reserved until we hear from you and confirm or until around mid Feb when we will release these boats (unless we hear from you) .


Individuals. All individual day booking will be done on-line. If you are an individual wishing to book fifteen boats or more for next season , email us ( and when the majority of clubs and competitions are confirmed – we will issue you with a pin number. This will allow advanced private access to the website from mid December. For individuals wishing to book single boats (less than 15), this can be done online from early January when the website will be accessible  to all. Let us know your thoughts…

As usual any problems will be dealt with by telephoning the fishery 01877 385664.