Blue with Hue 23rd June

Lake of Menteith 23rd June 2020

Water Temperature at 6ft 17.5C;  Secchi disk Clarity 2.2m

Latterly in the week the Lake warmed up to 20C and the memorable rises in many parts of the lake became confined to a few areas of the Butts, Arnmach Point and Tod Hole. It became a choice of Sink8 lines in the North Inchmahome Deeps/Gateside Bay/Rookery or stick to dries in the afore mentioned areas. Best bags were on dries probably for those that located the surface feeders but the bigger stamp of fish were definitely down deep in the deeps. We put in a stocking yesterday so there are plenty of fish about and todays reports are that they are continuing to rise up in the water column and some very good bags starting to come in.

MENTEITH BOAT LEAGUE CASTS OFF TOMORROW 24th June 6pm start. If you are interested let us know you are planning to take part (before arrival). Boat partners randomly allocated on the night. £20 registration fee (100% for prizes) plus we have sponsorship from the FARIO FLY Company. The winner of each heat receives a box of 20 flies valued at £30 and the winner of the league receives a Big Box of Fario Flies. The league will run every Wednesday for 8 weeks (23rd June and ending on 12th August) finishing at 11pm but reducing to 10pm as the nights draw in. The final placings are made according to the participants top 5 nights out of a possible 8. There will be no nightly award gathering under current restrictions – the winner being announced online and collecting his flies the next time. The rules are Menteith rules..i.e. it’s a friendly with no fly size restriction and all hooks must be debarbed. Entrants need to PAYONLINE but boat booking isn’t required. Catch and release Boat costs are £17.50 per night for the 6 long evenings and £15 per night for the two shorter shifts….and £20 registration. For example…If you plan to attend all 8 evenings the total cost (inc registration) is £155. Monies can always be refunded or transferred to other Lake fishing if the fishing is not used.

Thanks to Mayfly Matey for the pictures of the blue with the hue and the tail fin. Him and his boat partner had 24 on dries. Matey also reported seeing the biggest pike he has ever seen – and estimatd it to be a 40 pounder. Its swirl literally rocked his boat. Dan Brown with a bow and Gus Kennedy with a 4lb 8oz brown. QG