Awfie Bright 14/05/19

Lake of Menteith 14th May 2019

Water Temp at 6ft 13C Secchi Disk Clarity Gateside Bay 1.5m

Things have got more difficult this week which might be linked to the high pressure, sunshine and drop in clarity ?? Recent stockings of over 1000 fish should boost catches (this Monday and Tuesday). The week before it was the washing line, then last week it was the vertical buzzer. This week it is back to the washing line.

Over the weekend; Rookery, Sandy bay, butts and Katies Brae did best with the washing line on a midge tip again the best method – with the minister buzzer (we are sold out) and a tequila fab or cat boobie on the tail. The past couple of nights when the sun has started to go down the fish have been enticed by grunters and yellow owls

Photos. Douglas Scott with a nice fish estimated at between 6 and 7lb safely returned. Also Dione Roberts with a 6.5lb blue.

Campbell Cree was top rod in the SCOTTISH CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS with 6 fish using a fab and buzzers then changing to dries. Top Team was Munnoch AC (Brian Shepherd, Tom Harvie and Darren Hughes) with 11 fish.

In the FARIO MENTEITH  Boat League Davie Chalmers was top with 12 fish on a glass line pulling lures. 2nd top was Craig Inglis (pictured left) with 11 on similar tactics. The two Newbies Davie Chalmers and Neil Barratt are first equals after two heats.