Anglers out in Force and a Charitable Last Weekend of the Main Season.

Well that is the end of the main season at the Lake. Angling numbers will drop off rapidly as the cold intensifies but we will remain open all winter for the hardy anglers and those with battery operated socksd – and for when the nice weather windows are here. We dont plan to stock any more trout until just befor the main season arrives on the 19th March our “opening day” but boats will be available all winter with the exception of the the christmas and New Year period and for the week before the main season starts, when we will be busy restocking. Catches can be good over the winter and you will be guaranteed more solitude – having fishers at the Lake is good for helping us to deter cormorants. Yesterday Tom McBride from Glasgow had 8 fish in the Stable Point Area on dries.

We ended the main season on a high with a busy week which included a Scottish Police versus English Police (Well done Scotland)and a UK Police versus UK Armed Forces Event (Well done the Police). Big thanks to all the organisers for their time and effort – especially Retired Policeman Calum Fraser the events masterbooker and cat shepard. Sorry about the lack of pictures.

The Final Weekend saw two charity events. The first on Saturday organised by Rothes Oak AC and co-ordinated by Willie Simpson saw twelve 6 mans teams taking part in a fundraiser and collecting a fantastic £3864 for their Local Mental Health Charity “Men ask now…..”. All the anglers were fed a hearty breakfast and lunch and the day finished with a raffle and auction. The winning team was incidentally Good Guys AC, 2nd were MFF Caradean and 3rd were Costa Ecosse.

On the Sunday the Fishery Board donated all boat hire takings (£1567) to the Port Kirk and Primary and all 35 boats were booked for the day. It was a scaled down event with only anglers and no children/parents :(. A further  £180 had been donated during the season and £277 was made in what was a great raffle – given the reduced numbers!!! The School Parent Council provided a great BBQ and lovely soups for the anglers as they came in. After cost of food etc the total amount collected was £1685.Thanks to Grant East from the Parent Council who organised the food ….this was his swan song apparently as both his kids will be at the McLaren high School next year :(. Thanks also to the children of the Port School for their cheery fish paintings/howff wall paper.