21 C at 1metre, 21 C at 2metres and 19C at 3 metres


21 C at 1metre, 21 C at 2metres and 19C at 3 metres. Secchi Disk 2m

Aye well it is that time of the year when the fish sink and slowly migrate to the deep areas and they can be a little difficult to catch until the deep congregations are found.  There were good bags taken on the dry fly at the Malling shore where the westerlies were bringing the cooler water to the surface and there are cooler springs. Equally as effective has been using higher density lines and lures, or the deep fished buzzer in the deeper water of Gateside Bay and at Malling.

Fly fishing for pike is now been strongly discouraged from until cooler temperatures return. We will do a more indepth temperature model tomorrow as there could be some areas where water temperature is acceptable. If in doubt wait till it gets cooler before going after the big girls…Today we measured the temperature (using a calibrated thermometer) off Shear Point and in Gateside Bay.

Big thank you to the Menteith Ospreys for promoting the Lake with their name and congratulations to them on winning what Anglian Water called “the biggest UK Fly Fishing Event of the Year” – the Airflo Invitational. The Menteith Ospreys (R.Gilbert, D.Pozzi, P.Auchterlonie, M. Low of Fario flies, W.Simpson and Derek Purves) are the only team to win the Anglian Water International and the Airflo Invitational – back to back.

Was down south for a wee break recently and took the opportunity to drop into Grafham and have a chat with the staff there about facillities and with Jim Coulam about the latest developments with fishing boats and pontoons. Whilst looking round Ripon Cathedral I noticed this fine epitaph for a Bryan Tunstall.

Below a fine looking resident bow taken on a the dry by Jimmy Millar.

STOP PRESS. Hard day at the Lake today and information is scare as there is another SANACC heat on thursday. 7  fish was the top bag (Alan Brock)…..One fish to qualify……