2020 Pre-season Opening posted 19/3/20

Lake of Menteith  19th March 2020

Water Temperature Cold;  Secchi disk Clarity Good

Hope you all have had a good close season and are raring to go assuming we don’t get put under some sort of curfew. There is an excellent forecast for our opening weekend and some even better fish to be caught.

The Lake has now been stocked with some cracking trout, the majority of which averaged around 3lbs plus there are the overwintered ones which we have been working hard to protect (i.e. scaring off the cormorants). If there is no drastic change in government(s) plans then we will be opening on Saturday 21st March but there will be a few changes in place to stop people gathering together in our sport which luckily is naturally centred around the concept of social distancing, and getting quality free range food for the table.

Please heed government advice about social distancing and try not to get drawn in to close conversation, wash hands etc….

  • Payment before you come if possible
  1. This can be done online at our website by purchasing vouchers. We have waived the online charge and if you can purchase the required combination of vouchers to cover your boat costs on the particular day. Please print out the voucher and post it in our permit office box on the day of use or if you don’t have a printer we can take a photo.
  2. Phone on a week-day (office hours) prior to your visit and pay by card.
  3. On the day have the correct money or cheque in an envelope with your name and post it in our box at the permit office.
  4. We will still accept cash, card or cheque payment on the day IF YOU HAVE NO OTHER OPTION.
  • Boats will not go out at a single start time (i.e. 9.30am) but once you have registered with a boatman and ben given a boat number you will be able to leave anytime between 8.45 and 9.45 (Mon to Sat) and between 11.30 and 12.30 on a Sunday. Just come in 8hrs after you register (or 7 hrs on a Sunday).
  • The Café and the tackle shop are closed.
  • There will be no weigh in. Please inform the boatman of your catch number and estimated weight of fish killed. If no one is about to record your catch please text your results to the number on the counter.
  • The opening Ceremony has been cancelled but there will be distant pipes.
  • We will be carrying out extra cleaning – including boat touch points at the end of sessions.

  • Our toilet facilities are minimal touch (we will jam the room door open) and extra hand gel will be available in addition to soap, warm water and dryers. LIFE JACKETS WILL BE DISINFECTED BETWEEN USERS.

Some pictures of our stockies (sorry about yours truly) going in  – and our numerically out of order boats – to whet your appetite.

ps Stirling efforts by Douglas and Connor to get the place ready. Elma is having a wee holiday till things calm down.