17th Aug 2021: Water temperature at 6ft is 17.5C and Dries for Trooters and Flyfishing for Pike back on the menu

Water temperature at 6ft is 17.5C and Dries for Trooters and Fly Fishing for Pike are back on the menu

Clarity is 2.1m on the secchi disk.

The cooler weather has quickly normalised water temperatures at the Lake and some of the best catches I spoke to on Monday 16th were taking the fish on dries in Gateside Bay and at the Malling shore. One boat had 28 fish but as they were practising for a competition today (The Famous Glasgow Interclubs) – we didnt ask them what on. Jimmy Millar had 11 on small dries and Colin Clarks boat had was in double figures on daddies – both thee boats were in Gateside Bay.

The Lake received 413 fish yesterday with another stocking due tomorrow. Historically as the fish come up in the water column, catches have tended to go off the scale – for a while. Here’s hoping. It has not been a good year so far due to the pandemic and the extreme heat in July led to a big drop in angler numbers at the Lake during that month.

The Ospreys are still here but I can see no swallows or martins from my window. Apparently we now have 1 cormorant in residence. Evening fishing is now finished for the year (apart from the night of the boat leaggue final – see below). The covids  situation is easing but masks are still required at the permit office (unless you are also drinking or dancing).

There are Tench in the Lake and there presence has been known for many decades (apparently) but it is not known when they were introduced. IWe only became aware of their presence about 15 years ago when one was found washed against the grid. Quite unusual to catch them on the fly though, and Alan Gilbert became a member of the Menteith Tench Club on Friday when he netted this fine individual – which took a cormorant.

The Scottish Club Championship moved to the semi final stage on Friday 13th August and the anglers were faced with a strong sw wind and rain for most of the day. 21 of the scheduled 22 teams took part with the top 11 going through to the final.  Top team was Alba Cats  “B” represented by  Greig Davie (8 fish), Mark Fleming (5 fish) and James Kerr (12 fish) (pictured L to R below).  Each member of the team received a box of flies provided by sponsors My Fishing Flies. Photo and information curtesy of  the SANACC  . The 63 anglers caught 298 fish giving a catch average of 4.7 fish.  The second Semi is this Friday (20th Aug).

The Final of the Menteith Fario Boat League is tomorrow night (Wednesday 18th and we will be providing an after match buffet to keep you happy while Douglas works out the scoring and for during the prize giving.