11/08/2020 report

With our new thermometer we can confidently tell you the water temp at 6 feet is 18.5c and the sechi disk is reading 1.9 meters.

There has been reports of big shoals feeding on daphnia down at Todds hole and round the shallow markers straight out from the hut. Other areas that are doing well include Sandy bay, Roman bay and cages. Yellow owl, Grunters, Orange blobs, pearly cormorants and the minister buzzers are some of the flies that are catching fish.

On the second last boat league sponsored by Fario flies. Bill Ramage was top rod with 15 fish second was Craig Ingles with 10 fish Craig wins the Fario fly box and Bill gets the Voucher.

Just a wee reminder the evening fishing finishes this Saturday (15th August)

Colin Hutchison-Reddie with a nice fish

Neil Turner with a 20lb 4oz pike on the fly

Peter Lees close up with his fish taking a yellow owl.