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Lake Blog 6th June 2017

Secchi disk Clarity 3m ; Water Temperature at 6ft 17C.
Best two boat bags that I heard yesterday were on dries in Sandy Bay and snatchers on a slow glass from various parts. Having said that most folk were practising for the upcoming Anglian Water Team comp so the usual information was not being shared. Gateside Bay has been on and off and same with Kates Brae. Some good catches recently also from some of the Malling Shore drifts.
Pike fly fisherman Rehman Malik had a fantastic 31lb catch (pictured left) – first 30 on the fly from the Lake - for a while.
On Thursday Accountancy firm Chienne and Tait from Edinburgh held a well-attended corporate fundraiser and raised  thousands for  Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance – SCAA. Well done Chienne and Tait for their efforts. A speaker from SCAA gave a description of the charities work and highlighted that Scotland has only two air ambulances compared to 45 in England, and that Scotland’s two helicopters were in use for 30% of the time carry out routine NHS transfers rather than in emergencies. Much sought after service I would imagine. Continuing the the charitable theme, Wateraid fishers raised some hundreds Cambodian Orphanages on Friday 2nd.

Scottish Club Championships: Sponsored by Snowbee, Lomond Group, The Lake of Menteith, Keir Hardie Joiner, Fly Tying Scotland and Glencairn Crystal. Heat 5 - 3rd June 2017.At heat 5 Scottish Club Championships on Saturday 3rd June there was mixed weather conditions and it proved to be another hard session.  The competitors had a  light westerly wind, overcast with some sunny spells and a couple of light showers. In total 90 fish were caught by the 33 anglers, 43 of these were returned. The top 3 clubs qualifying for the first semifinal are:1st place Neilston FF with 20 fish for 42lb 0.5oz, 2nd place Rainbow Warriors “A” with 15 fish for 31lb 0.5oz, 3rd place Grizzlecats “A” with 13 fish for 29lb 9oz. The top 5 anglers went through to the Champion of Champions Final (Steven Leask 14 fish, Allan MacLachlan 7 fish, John Kane 7 fish, Kenny Dickens 6 fish and John Simpson 6 fish).

2017 Boat League Results. In heat 5 of the boat league the night started off well, then the wind changed from a west to an east and the anglers found the fishing challenging. Top rod of the night was Bill Ramage with 13 fish. He started at the Gravel pit then moved to Chicken Leg Bay then finally to the cages. He was using his usual Cats whisker with black and olive snatchers on a midge tip line. Second was local boy David Stewart with 10 fish, he caught his fish up at the plantation using an orange and yellow fab on the tail with a couple of cormorants up the cast on a midge tip line. Third was Alistair Fountain with 7 fish including a lovely 6lb Brownie, he was using black hoppers on a floating line up at the burn mouth in cage bay. This week’s prizes; David Stewart gets the £25 voucher from James Bayne tackle shop in Callander and Alistair Fountain gets the bottle of whisky from Andy Smith of Southside Decorators